Don't Worry Blog: The brain / gut link

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Our thoughts and emotions affect our gut

This research paper shows how extensively our thoughts and emotions affect our intestines, and as a result, are actively involved in irritable bowel syndrome. Their conclusion is that helping people to be aware of their emotional state, and to learn how to modulate feelings and thoughts, will assist people to manage the symptoms of IBS. And we already know that our emotions affect our insides. We say "I had a gut feeling about it", and we feel sick when we are anxious.

Your gut can release stress hormones

The gut responds to stress hormones fast and powerfully, making the gut spasm painfully and stop digesting, causing more distress and more stress.
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Hypnosis successfully treats IBS

Hypnosis gets rid of the pain and discomfort of IBS with a 70% success rate. NICE recommends it.
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