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Portion sizes have doubled, and we didn't even notice!

Portion sizes have doubled over the last 20 years.
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Gastric band hypnosis. Will it work for you?

Gastric bands seem like the answer to long-term weight loss, and so the hypnotic version is full of promise. The gastric band works by reducing the size of your stomach so that you feel full sooner and as a result you can expect to eat less. If your problem is not giant portions, then the gastric band won't work for you. If a client comes to me and asks for gastric band hypnosis, then that causes me a bit of a problem. I could certainly do it, but if the problem is not giant portions, then the client won't lose weight. Best to find out what is causing the overweight and come up with a strategy to help get the weight off. The answer may be gastric band hypnosis. But it might not be.

The man and I are eating the same, but he stays thin. Why?

Sad, perhaps, but true. Women need less energy to run their bodies than men do, and therefore need to eat less than men, even of the same weight, height, age etc etc etc. So it follows that if you eat the same as your man, unless he is really teeny weeny, then either he will shrivel away to nothing or the woman will put on weight.

Women's portions need to be smaller than men's. How can we achieve this? The easiest way is to use a smaller plate yourself. This will make it easier for you to estimate a healthier portion. Large plates give us a subliminal message that large portions are okay.

When you have got used to using a smaller plate (it takes a weekend), you no longer have to think about food all the time. Your plate size does it for you.

What is a portion?

A Beefeater restaurant steak plate from the 1960s (seen in an antiques shop recently) looked really small to me.
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