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New Year. New Start. Will dieting work?

Time to do something about the weight we gained in 2013! Most of us think of dieting. But diets have a poor success rate. There are alternatives.
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What does daily calorie allowance look like?

On average, to maintain normal weight, we can eat around 2,000 calories. Here is a fun video short that shows what 2,000 calories looks like.

Fat burning coffee

I have just received a marketing email about fat burning coffee. That sounds just the ticket. Does this work? If it did, we would all have heard about it and would all be thin.

It is possible that some drink or other speeds up our metabolism a bit so more calories could well be lost. Calories might well be burned, but would we lose weight? It takes 10,000 steps a day to burn off 1 pound a week. So how much of this coffee would we have to drink?

Most of all though, the problem is belief in Magic. These marketeers are selling Magic. When we are looking for Magic, we are not looking to make the changes to our habits that are necessary for long term weight maintenance. Those changes don't have to be onerous. Just a few small changes every month and you can manage your weight.

Read the label

I looked at the label on a cheesecake in the supermarket today. Over 1400 calories per 100g. That is all right then, I will only eat a slice. But then it read Normal 70g slice (1/6 of the cheesecake) over 1,000 calories. Half a day's calories in one slice. And if it were me, one slice would not be enough. Truly shocking. It is these indulgent treats, on the whole, that make us fat.

Hypnotherapy can help you give up the need for a treat every day. Treating ourselves once in a while is nice. Having a food treat every day heaps on the weight. Check the label and prepare to be shocked.

Fizzy drinks make you fat

The excellent Dr Sharma of the University of Alberta has pointed to research from Purdue University which shows that calories taken in a drink do not register with our brains as a meal. We feel just as hungry as if we had taken no calories at all. Some of these drinks can be as much as 200 calories - 10% of our daily allowance.

For calories to register in our brains, they need to be in solid food. If you are wanting to lose weight, the easiest thing to give up is calorie filled drinks, such as fizzy drinks, and it could help you lose one pound a week.

Don't drink your calories

Think of fizzy pop as liquid sweeties. Irn-Bru contains over 140 calories in an 330ml can. That is more than 9 teaspoons of sugar.
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Just a 100 calories a day

I am not a great one for counting calories, but I know that 100 calories is not a lot. It is 2,000 steps. Walking from one bus-stop to the next or using the stairs at work. Or half a bag of crisps or a small bar of chocolate.

J. O. Hill, H. R. Wyatt, G. W. Reed, and J. C. Peters (2003) report in the magazine Science that an increase in net expenditure of 100 calories a day can stop the increase in obesity in 90% of the population. Just walking an extra 2,000 steps, you might never gain another pound.

What is a portion?

A Beefeater restaurant steak plate from the 1960s (seen in an antiques shop recently) looked really small to me.
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