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Constipation and diarrhea can be both cause and symptom of anxiety

Worrying about our insides can make life a misery. Hypnotherapy can help! read more

Added on 04.04.2018

IBS sufferers. Don't limit your food types!

Limiting what you eat can seem like a way to control your IBS symptoms, like bloating, diarrhoea or pain. But it makes it worse. read more

Added on 08.03.2014

How to beat the bloat

Our gut contains specialist enzymes and bacteria which break down particular foods. A sudden change in diet is one cause of bloat. read more

Added on 20.02.2010

What causes bloating?

IBS is one of the causes of bloating. But it can also be caused by insufficient bile, so that fats are not properly digested. Or if you are eating new foods, your body has not developed sufficient enzymes to digest these newcomers, so the food hangs around in the gut for overlong and gases develop.

You may have tried probiotics. But according to the Glenn Gibson, professor of microbiology at Reading University, nearly 50 per cent of the probiotic yoghurts, powders and capsules sold in their millions every year simply do not have the minimum of 10 million bacteria per dose necessary to have any impact on our digestive systems.

Added on 04.02.2010

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