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Women's health top of the agenda

The Chief Medical Officer says women's health needs more attention, including obesity. What to do? Definitely don't diet. read more

Added on 11.12.2015

Dieting makes us more interested in food

When we are dieting, we want to stop thinking about food, because we want to eat less. But this makes us focus even more on food. Not helpful. read more

Added on 31.03.2015

Industrial food producers marketing cares nothing about health

You may believe you choose what you eat and drink. But the fabulously skilled marketers working for Big Food producers make the decisions for you. read more

Added on 04.05.2014

Women's magazines promote appearance over health

Research shows that 20% of articles in women's health and fitness magazines are devoted to body shaping and weight loss. read more

Added on 02.08.2013

How society affects our self-image

There is huge social pressure on women in particular to be slim, even though we come in all shapes and sizes. read more

Added on 19.01.2013

Some weight is all in the mind

There is huge pressure on us these days to fit in with the current fashionable shape. read more

Added on 09.10.2012

What makes us eat?

See it, want it, eat it. Advertisers benefit from this by showing us appetising foods with lots of happy people enjoying them. read more

Added on 10.08.2012

Eating when we are not hungry

A current telly advert is encouraging a Good Mother to feed her family even though they have said they are not hungry. Sometimes I despair! read more

Added on 17.07.2012

Appetite and hunger are not the same.

Hunger and appetite are similar but not the same. The drivers within the body are different. read more

Added on 09.04.2012

Hard wired to love fatty foods

The combination of fat and sugar or fat and salt really hits the spot. Delicious. Find out why are they so irresistible? read more

Added on 01.04.2012

Why does watching telly make us fat?

Research keeps linking watching telly with gaining weight. Now why is that? read more

Added on 23.09.2010

Special K

There's an ad for Special K in Glasgow Central Station which has taken my notice. read more

Added on 28.08.2010

Food ads encourage unhealthy diets

The June 2010 edition of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association includes an interesting study reviewing food commercials on TV in the US. read more

Added on 07.06.2010

Watch telly to get fat

Research from Auburn University in the States suggests that sitting for hours in front of the telly will get you fat. read more

Added on 28.02.2010

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