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Women's magazines promote appearance over health

Research shows that 20% of articles in women's health and fitness magazines are devoted to body shaping and weight loss.
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How society affects our self-image

There is huge social pressure on women in particular to be slim, even though we come in all shapes and sizes.
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Some weight is all in the mind

There is huge pressure on us these days to fit in with the current fashionable shape.
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What makes us eat?

See it, want it, eat it. Advertisers benefit from this by showing us appetising foods with lots of happy people enjoying them.
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Eating when we are not hungry

A current telly advert is encouraging a Good Mother to feed her family even though they have said they are not hungry. Sometimes I despair!
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Appetite and hunger are not the same.

Hunger and appetite are similar but not the same. The drivers within the body are different.
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Hard wired to love fatty foods

The combination of fat and sugar or fat and salt really hits the spot. Delicious. Find out why are they so irresistible?
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Why does watching telly make us fat?

Research keeps linking watching telly with gaining weight. Now why is that?
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Special K

There's an ad for Special K in Glasgow Central Station which has taken my notice.
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Food ads encourage unhealthy diets

The June 2010 edition of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association includes an interesting study reviewing food commercials on TV in the US.
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Watch telly to get fat

Research from Auburn University in the States suggests that sitting for hours in front of the telly will get you fat.
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