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Eating habits that cause weight gain

It is not just what you eat but how you eat. Change the way you eat to manage your weight easily and automatically
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Dieting causes binge eating

Trying to limit your food intake by dieting produces a tendency to overeat or even binge when restrictions are lifted.
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Some weight is all in the mind

There is huge pressure on us these days to fit in with the current fashionable shape.
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I am on holiday at the moment. I realise that my normal routines have gone out the window. I don't really know what I am eating, let alone the calorie load. And I am meeting more people than on a usual work day, with a cup of coffee or a drink, maybe a piece of cake.

In the past I would have worried throughout the holiday, wanting to enjoy myself but feeling guilty and worried that I was just putting on extra weight. But I am more relaxed these days! I am on holiday and have given myself permission to enjoy myself. None of us can do a lot of damage to our weight in just a couple of weeks. So you can enjoy your holiday meals and drinks without any guilt trips. On the other hand, it is not an opportunity to let rip!

These guilty feelings don't help us to achieve our goals. If you are wanting to lose weight, then feeling bad about yourself doesn't offer any practical solution. The hypnotherapy that I practice allows you to develop a new way of eating that is sustainable and easy, without any misery or anxiety.

The Devil Wears Prada and overeating

There are lots of psychologists and neuroscientists helping the food industry to get us to make their choices.
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Overeating sometimes is inevitable, but not a disaster

Celebration is a very positive and important role for food. Overeating at special events is nothing to worry about.
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Is it your emotions making you eat too much?

Is it your emotions making you eat too much?
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Afternoon bingeing - how can I stop?

Often when we are worried about our weight, we skip meals. This can make us hungry, and hunger can drive us to the chocolate.
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Boredom eating

Some of us just eat for something to do, because we feel bored.
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Why do we eat when we are not hungry?

What is making us eat when we are not hungry? Well, there are a number of reasons. If any seem to apply to you, think about how you can avoid them.
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Why do we gain weight?

By becoming aware of the daily risks, spotting the eating habits that make us put on weight, we can learn to manage our weight effectively.
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Christmas stuffing

Now is a good time to weigh ourselves and witness the damage. Very few of us will have put on less than 2 pounds. Unless we take action, this weight will still be there next Christmas. Weigh yourself now and decide to be cautious over New Year so that the extra weight doesn't grow further. Over Christmas we are unusually inactive and unusualy well-fed. When we get back to our normal way of life, we can take a little action to get that excess weight off. For now, while we are still in the holiday mood, the most we can hope for is to not put any more on!

Mindless munching

What are your outside of mealtimes eating habits? Recognising them will help you give them up so you can manage your weight. Hypnosis will help too.
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Why does watching telly make us fat?

Research keeps linking watching telly with gaining weight. Now why is that?
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We no longer recognise hunger signals

In these days of relative plenty, hunger is not the main trigger to eat. Most of us don't really know what hunger feels like anymore.
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