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Women's health top of the agenda

The Chief Medical Officer says women's health needs more attention, including obesity. What to do? Definitely don't diet. read more

Added on 11.12.2015

Are your relationships making you fat?

Comfort eating? Comfort from what? Maybe it is those around you. Chiselling away at your confidence. Research shows that this can cause weight gain. read more

Added on 15.04.2014

How can I lose weight?

Losing weight seems so elusive. We go on a diet and the weight drops off, but then it comes back again. Maybe it's the diet that is the problem. read more

Added on 16.07.2013

Complete lifestyle change. Help! Is this really the only way to lose weight?

The idea that you can only lose weight with radical lifestyle change is pretty unhelpful. What does it mean anyway. read more

Added on 25.06.2013

What food rules are you following?

Making a few small changes every month to our food routines can help us to manage our weight effectively. read more

Added on 05.04.2013

Eating fast makes you fat

People who eat rapidly risk being overweight. Research shows that obese people eat fast and maintain the same rate of eating throughout meals. read more

Added on 03.12.2012

Eating for two while pregnant causes long term weight gain

Eating for two during pregnancy could condemn women to a life of obesity and illness. Eating carefully will avoid being up to 3 stone heavier. read more

Added on 29.09.2012

The strategy you use to control your weight determines success

One client said she had "been on a diet for 30 years on and off", but was stubbornly one stone overweight. Clearly dieting doesn't work for her. read more

Added on 02.09.2012

What makes us eat?

See it, want it, eat it. Advertisers benefit from this by showing us appetising foods with lots of happy people enjoying them. read more

Added on 10.08.2012

Chocolate cravings

Lots of people exclaim that they couldn't imagine life without chocolate. But we didn't eat it till the 17the Century. read more

Added on 01.07.2012

Medicine doesn't work if you don't take it

If you have lost weight on a diet, the weight will come back on as soon as you stop, unless you change your eating patterns. read more

Added on 09.06.2012

Unconscious eating

Most of what we do every day is determined not by conscious intention or deliberate choice, but by our unconscious and automatic responses read more

Added on 09.05.2012

Appetite and hunger are not the same.

Hunger and appetite are similar but not the same. The drivers within the body are different. read more

Added on 09.04.2012

Managing your weight

Purposeful weight management involves behaviour change. Eating differently. And in fact it is not really about managing weight either. read more

Added on 10.11.2011

How do we get fat?

Is it eating too much or exercising too little? Well, it is probably more complicated than that. read more

Added on 23.05.2011

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