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Women's health top of the agenda

The Chief Medical Officer says women's health needs more attention, including obesity. What to do? Definitely don't diet. read more

Added on 11.12.2015

Dieting makes us more interested in food

When we are dieting, we want to stop thinking about food, because we want to eat less. But this makes us focus even more on food. Not helpful. read more

Added on 31.03.2015

Industrial food producers marketing cares nothing about health

You may believe you choose what you eat and drink. But the fabulously skilled marketers working for Big Food producers make the decisions for you. read more

Added on 04.05.2014

Eating habits that cause weight gain

It is not just what you eat but how you eat. Change the way you eat to manage your weight easily and automatically read more

Added on 03.05.2014

Are your relationships making you fat?

Comfort eating? Comfort from what? Maybe it is those around you. Chiselling away at your confidence. Research shows that this can cause weight gain. read more

Added on 15.04.2014

New Year. New Start. Will dieting work?

Time to do something about the weight we gained in 2013! Most of us think of dieting. But diets have a poor success rate. There are alternatives. read more

Added on 01.01.2014

Why is it so easy to regain lost weight?

In part, this is because once w ehave achieved our goal weight, we stop the treatment (controlling your eating, or dieting) and go back to the old ways (which caused the weight gain). Another reason is that after weight loss, our bodies become more efficient and we need fewer calories for the same task.

What can we do to avoid that? Get a hypnotherapist to work out the key changes you had made to your diet, and get her to help you bed those changes in.

Added on 19.09.2013

Alcohol is killing more women in their 30s and 40s

Research by Glasgow University published today shows alcohol related deaths among those born in the 70s is a ticking time bomb. read more

Added on 19.07.2013

Complete lifestyle change. Help! Is this really the only way to lose weight?

The idea that you can only lose weight with radical lifestyle change is pretty unhelpful. What does it mean anyway. read more

Added on 25.06.2013

Portion sizes have doubled, and we didn't even notice!

Portion sizes have doubled over the last 20 years. read more

Added on 28.05.2013

Dieting is not the only solution - but there will be a solution that works for you.

There is no one right answer to deal with weight loss. Everyone is different. Finding an approach that fits your lifestyle is he key. read more

Added on 10.05.2013

Will the 2-5 fasting diet work for me?

The 2-5 fasting diet is all the rage. Will it help you to lose weight, or is it another miracle diet that will result in you gaining weight? read more

Added on 03.04.2013

Dieting makes you fat

There is now a lot of evidence that shows that dieters are prone to future weight gain. read more

Added on 13.08.2012

Thinking about food all the time

When we get worried about our weight, we can start to obsess, thinking about food all the time. read more

Added on 28.07.2012

Eating when we are not hungry

A current telly advert is encouraging a Good Mother to feed her family even though they have said they are not hungry. Sometimes I despair! read more

Added on 17.07.2012

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