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Anxiety spoiling your life? AI to the rescue!

Therapy can be delivered in lots of effective ways. Apps using artificial intelligence are looking good. read more

Added on 19.03.2018

Keep your eyes on the prize to be happier and fitter

Changing your focus of attention can make you more successful and fitter. Wow! read more

Added on 10.10.2017

7 tips for greater self-confidence

7 tips to strengthen your belief in your abilities and judgment, so you are empowered to make choices that build your self-confidence and self-esteem. read more

Added on 20.12.2016

Violence Against Women. White Ribbon Day

Domestic violence is a growing problem. Over 100 incidents of domestic abuse are reported to police in Scotland every day. What can you do? read more

Added on 27.11.2015

Boosting self esteem

Low self-esteem and low confidence really get in the way of a happy life. What makes things better? read more

Added on 26.08.2015

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