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CBT / Hypnotherapy for Depression and Low Mood

We all feel down from time to time. But sometimes we just can't shake it off and seem to get stuck into a downward spiral. We start convincing ourselves that we will never feel better again. However, studies have shown that when people get out of this way of thinking, they go back to seeing things in a more positive and balanced way. It's the thinking that keeps the depression and low mood going.




Physical state


The symptoms are wide-ranging and can include feeling tired all the time, trouble sleeping, problems with eating, sadness, guilt, can't be bothered to do anything, irritability, inability to make decisions. If you are suffering, you will recognise these and will have a further list of your own. But you can recover.

Hard life events, such as divorce or redundancy, can send us down this spiral - and some of us are genetically more susceptible. Feelings of sadness or anger in response to life's events are normal, but no-one needs to suffer from depression.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy will help you adapt your thinking so you stay well. You may think that nothing is going to help, you may have tried pills, and still feel low. Hypnotherapy will demonstrate that you can feel better. And results can be surprisingly quick.

Once you think like the person you want to be, you will soon feel and behave like that too. If you want to see if you can do-it-yourself, try this terrific website, run by Chris Williams of Glasgow University.

If you want a guiding hand, get in touch with me 07530 911 087 - or email me and start feeling better quickly. I work from Central Glasgow and Wimpole Street, London.