Sleep better: CBT / Hypnotherapy for Insomnia in Glasgow

Insomnia is the subjective experience of poor or unrefreshing sleep

It can be very depressing when it continues for a long time. Then the worry of being unable to sleep makes sleeping even more difficult. And you think about it during the day, worrying whether or not you are

going to sleep. So when your head hits the pillow, your mind is checking the risk of insomnia. Setting the scene for another night of misery.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has a track record of success and is recommended by the NHS.

Where the problem is that you have got out of the habit of sleeping well, try these tips for regaining your sleep rhythms.

The way we think has an impact too. Have a look at this list of beliefs about sleep.

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Underlying issues that can cause insomnia

  • emotional problems
  • pain
  • difficulties at work
  • anxiety and worry
  • depression
  • thinking over and over about problems without getting anywhere with them

If you need help in changing to a more effective sleep pattern, then contact me.

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