Glasgow Hypnotherapy / CBT for shyness, social awkwardness and embarrassment

ShynessThese are some of the most common emotional problems we all face.

Most of us get concerned about finding ourselves in embarrassing or humiliating situations.

Most of us get nervous when we have to take centre stage.

We all find it unpleasant to know, or fear, that we are being evaluated and that we could fall short. This is normal. And very common.

But sometimes these feelings are so powerful, we avoid doing things we need to do. Unable to give presentations at work, shy with potential partners, too awkward to work if people are watching. Unable to eat if we feel observed. We become overwhelmed by self-consciousness.

The good news is that the approach that I take deals effectively with these problems. After just a few sessions, you will understand what is going on and know how to change your response.

Uncomfortable situations like these will find you feeling in control and able to maintain a sense of calm composure. Just think how great that will be! Contact me now.

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