Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy for panic attacks

the symptoms of a panic attack are very unpleasant

Panic attacks can seem to come out of nowhere, but they are usually set off by something you have seen or thought, triggering a powerful anxiety response.

The symptoms can be frightening and tend to cause considerable psychological distress along with even more panic and anxiety.

Some people feel they are having a heart attack, though the symptoms of panic will not do you any harm.

As well as overwhelming feelings of anxiety, a panic attack can also cause the following symptoms: palpitations, sweating, trembling, hot flushes, nausea, feeling faint, dizziness, numbness, choking, shortness of breath.

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Panicky feelings can trigger strange physical symptoms

For panic attacks, getting rid of the symptoms gets rid of the problem.

When people are anxious they tend to take rapid, shallow breaths. When you're feeling anxious, you may not even be aware that your breathing has become quick, short and shallow. I

This shallow, rapid breathing can result in overbreathing - hyperventilation. And it is this overbreathing that generates strange and unpleasant physical sensations - dizziness, numbness, headache, feelings of not really being here, tingling and other sensations. Overbreathing causes an imbalance in the blood, with too little carbon dioxide and calcium compared to oxygen.

Breathing Clinic. Read more about it here.

Fear of the bodily symptoms is the main issue with panic. The more we fear the symptoms, the more the symptons stay. The symptoms are maintained by our trying to get rid of them. We get caught in the loop and there can seem no way out, no matter what we try to do to help ourselves.

the vicious cycle of a panic attack

We start to see the symptoms as dangerous and can go to great lengths to avoid feeling the symptoms.

We might give up work, avoiding places where the symptoms occur. We might give up relationships too.

We also underestimate our ability to cope and this can lead us to feeling very vulnerable and insecure.

We believe that the symptoms mean we will never get better, never be able to live up to potential, that life is risky and frightening. So we stay in more and more.

Although these feelings have no meaning in themselves, and are not dangerous, they are unpleasant. And because of the vicious cycle, it can seem as though they will never go.

But you can get better. It does not have to stay like this.

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