Try a bit of Self Help

Try these selfhelp approaches - leaflets, websites and apps. But if you need a guiding hand, then contact me. 075309 11087.

Anxiety IOS app

Sleep well app

Lose weight app



A really good set of self help leaflets from Northumberland NHS. Well worth a look.

I recommend these great free websites - or you could try these apps.

Living Life to the Full: a fantastic free resource with loads of information and activities to help overcoming depression and low mood. Try this one first. Based in Glasgow.

Beating the Blues: an evidence-based cognitive behavioural course for getting back in control of your life. Available free from the NHS - ask your doctor.

The Mood Gym: a free interactive website based in Australia.

Moodjuice: a Scottish-based website full of useful resources

The Centre for Wellbeing and Confidence: a most enlightened organisation dealing assertively with what makes life good. Based in Glasgow.

Meaning and Happiness: a US site based on academic research by the positive psychology movement. Find out more about how to be happy.

Authentic Happiness: part of Penn State University, which supports research into positive psychology. Lots interesting articles and useful quizzes.

For many people this is enough. But if you need a guiding hand, then email me and see how different you feel after a few sessions of hypnotherapy.

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