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I have been working with Caroline recently and she is a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable. I feel very relaxed and able to ask questions and I feel I know exactly what she is talking about. Donna R. 20 May 2021
If you struggle with OCD or anxiety, a single session with Caroline would be worth more than a series with another therapist. Caroline’s knowledge of OCD is so thorough, which is something that is incredibly hard to find in a therapist. It is extremely comforting to know that there is someone who understands the type of OCD I have, which is often poorly recognised; if you have struggled to find a therapist who understands your experience, or you are constantly seeking reassurance and never finding a conclusion, reach out to Caroline. You won’t regret it. Thank you for everything, always, Caroline :). Marie R. 19 May 2021
I'm so glad that I came across Caroline through reading Lucy Black's ebook 'It needs to be impossible - The mystery of certainty and how I beat OCD with confidence'. Like Lucy, my OCD mainly manifests itself in the form of 'false memories'. Caroline has years of experience of treating people with OCD and has an excellent understanding of the tools that are required for recovery. I can't recommend her enough! Andrew C. 16 January 2021
This was my review 4 years ago. It's amazing to look back and realise that after only a few hypnotherapy sessions, I still not only have no difficulty with public speaking, but I actually now enjoy it. This is from a person who needed beta blockers to get myself in the room. I have no idea how it works, but it does. And it lasts. So grateful to Caroline. I decided on hypnotherapy after a long time struggling with public speaking, memory and confidence. To be honest going in I was skeptical and doubted I could be hypnotised, but given I hadn't made any progress in the past despite working really hard at it, I was willing to try. Caroline really put me at ease and I liked her warm but no nonsense approach. Very down to earth and interesting person, could listen to her for hours. I had 2 hypnosis sessions and to my surprise went into it very easily. After only 2 sessions, my communication difficulty went, spoke easily in a job interview, and got the job :) I have no idea how it worked, but it did, and has had other positive spin off effects. Can't imagine a greater gift. Thank you Caroline. Speechless in Glasgow. 10 October 2020.
Really engaging session and saw some great improvements. I will be back! Hugo W. 11 September 2020
Caroline was very good as she got to the root of my problem and has discussed solutions to help resolve them. She has a very clear and positive attitude which rubs off on her clients and puts you in the right frame of mind to address your problems. Charles B. 12 August 2020
Caroline was immediately understanding of my OCD issues and was able to offer constructive therapeutic strategies that helped me to gain clarity and see hope for the future. She made time to accommodate appointments at short notice and was very approachable throughout. I was able to reposition my thinking and see that things could get better again. I would have no hesitation in working with Caroline again in future and it was reassuring to see that she had worked with someone experiencing the same Cheating OCD subtype as me previously Katy J. 9 June 2020
Over the past 3 to 4 years I have struggled with panic attacks and anxiety. I had tried a few methods to help deal these issues including being prescribed anti anxiety medication by my GP as well as a few CBT classes however nothing seemed to work for me. Caroline came very highly recommended to me from a friend who had received excellent treatment from her in the past and although I was a little hesitant and anxious to let someone in, and to put myself out there I felt that I had nothing to lose and decided to seek assistance. I have worked with Caroline in two separate occasions using including a combination of CBT and hypnotherapy. During her time in Glasgow we had around 5 or 6 sessions which benefited me massively. I was able to deal with a lot of underlying problems in a safe place where Caroline provided me with the tools to allow me to manage my feelings which resulted in me feeling more positive, more productive and completely stopped my panic attacks to the point where I felt I no longer required treatment. Recently I have required a little assistance and due to my positive experience previously with Caroline I decided to reach out and book a session. Caroline is working from London now and I am based in Glasgow so I decided to use her online video conference service and I have to say I think it’s excellent. You can book a time that is convenient for you from the comfort of your own home and still receive the same level of expertise and quality of care. I am now in session 3 and making good progress. I cannot thank Caroline enough she has been amazing and can’t recommend her enough! Thank you :). Ryan H. 15 April 2020
I visited Caroline a few years ago and was diagnosed with anxiety and OCD. The therapy I received was very successful, and I now feel more in control of my emotions. I would certainly recommend Caroline as a therapist, she made me feel relaxed and at ease. Shona P. 29 January 2020
I have worked through my anxiety and a lot of mental barriers since first seeing Caroline at 19. Now turning 25, I can honestly say this wouldn’t have been possible without her practical and effective approaches to overcoming / accepting intrusive thoughts. Through her techniques and advice I have been able to develop both personally and professionally, to the benefit of my relationships and own well-being. I could not recommend or rate her services highly enough. Alan F. 26 January 2020
Caroline was really able to help me through a particular moment of difficulty in my career a few years ago. She gave good sound advice, offered practical coping techniques and was a kind listener. She put me at my ease; she has both a sympathetic demeanour and is thorough in her approach. With Caroline's support I got past the immediate problems and into a stronger professional position. I really enjoyed working with Caroline and have recommended her numerous times. Erin K. 14 January 2020
I previously attended Therapy Sessions with Caroline to seek help for problems sleeping. I immediately felt at peace in the comfortable surroundings, the therapy room gives off a very calming vibe. I felt completely at ease in Caroline’s company. The hypnosis itself was for me truly wonderful. Afterwards I felt completely grounded. Caroline recommended Sleep Hypnosis Recordings and for the first time in years I slept like a baby! I’d highly recommend Caroline to anyone who like me has problems sleeping Pamela C. 16 December 2019
Caroline has facilitated a really big improvement in my mental health over only a small number of sessions - I was amazed by how quickly I felt better. Her methods have been very effective for me and unlike other courses of therapy I've had, I haven't been encouraged to dwell on anything negative from the past or even to dissect my current symptoms which has turned out to be a much better approach for me. Of course recovery is a journey and I'm still working towards it, but now I have hope (and evidence) that getting there is possible. Sean I. 12 December 2019
Caroline has been helping me with some OCD issues this year, particularly relating to my health, but our sessions expanded out into other areas like my career. From the first appointment, Caroline wasted no time in getting to the root of my issues, helping me in understanding how these self - limiting beliefs and habits were formed and providing a roadmap to solving them myself. If you are looking for a magic pill or appointment to solve your issues, then you won't find that anywhere. But if you are looking for someone to show you how to understand your thoughts, beliefs and behavioural patterns and work on them for a happier, healthier future, I can't recommend Caroline enough. She is a consummate professional, immensely knowledgable and life - changing. Lewis D. 5 December 2019
I needed help a few years ago and I discovered Caroline online. I was a bit scared to call at first as I was having a real trouble with my thoughts but it was the best thing I ever done as soon as I met Caroline I thought she was lovely and made me feel very comfortable which was really important at the time after each session I was coming out feeling alot better and my OCD was getting managed alot better I only needed 4sessions at the time and my life completely changed as I started to feel like my old self again and could finally start sleeping better and getting my appetite back I couldn't recommend Caroline enough she is amazing. Chris S. 27 November 2019
My sessions with Caroline were great, at first she let me do a lot of that talking to establish what type of treatment would suit me best and then she used the chosen treatment effectively, she provided audio books and other helpful guides that put me on the right path. Caroline’s service definitely put me on route to where I am now and helped me through a difficult break up amongst other things, highly recommend I know if I will 100% be back in the future if I ever feel any issues arise! John McW. 27 November 2019
I recently had four half hour Hypnotherapy Supervision sessions with Caroline. I was amazed at just how much we got through in half an hour. I had a list of things I wanted to raise with her over all four sessions, and we got through a lot of that list in the first half hour! Caroline is very supportive, has lots of good advice, and helps you work through things rather than just giving you answers. I found my Supervision of great benefit to me, giving me confidence and lots of things to work on. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to get good quality Supervision. Jan P. 24 July 2019
I had a few sessions with Caroline to look at dealing with my misophonia. I now have a few strategies I can use and I will discuss my problem with my GP in order to see what further therapy is available for me. Daljit K. 3 July 2019
I'm very glad I came here. Caroline was fantastic and really helped me with my anxiety. I can honestly say I feel a lot more better and can face social situations effectively Mon K. 18 June 2019
Hi my name is Allan Barclay and I am 44 years old and since my late teens I have struggled with social anxiety over the years I have tried countless pills from the internet but nothing ever helped , I have also being on antidepressants since my early 20s but every time I wanted to slowly come off them my anxiety would get worse so I had to go back on them I just felt trapped and I thought I will always be like this , so in May this year I booked a hypnosis session with Caroline Brown I remember leaving that session and walking into Glasgow and I never had a care in the world I just felt calm and relaxed so I booked another session 2 weeks later and I told Caroline that something magic happened to me the last time I left you and she laughed and was happy for me and that is hypnosis working. After the 2nd session things got better I didn't have that brain fog and worry and my vision was so much better , now I feel so positive about the future and every thing is so much easier to do like exercising and eating healthier people have commented on how good I look and that I never stop talking now , well for everyone out there that reads this review and struggles with social anxiety you just have to book a few sessions because Caroline Brown will transform your life I should know because she transformed my life for the better !! thank you caroline Allan B. 14 June 2019
Helped to defeat insomnia and instill a healthy sleeping pattern which previously seemed impossible. Mark C. 8 June 2019
I met with Caroline several times. In a short space of time I was able, with Carolines help to acheive a new perspective on life. Within a short space of time using the aids Caroline provided I was able to overcome the challenges life had thrown at me. With help you too can see that things can change and more importantly. YOU have the ability to make those changes. John Mc. 2 June 2019
After seeing Caroline for just a couple of sessions she helped me cope with blushing in social situations and my general anxiety. Caroline was so friendly and easy to talk to. Caroline also told me to try an app which has also been very good. I would highly recommend a visit. Maureen P. 14 April 2019
My therapy session with Caroline was extremely helpful. She was friendly and very easy to talk to. In one hour, she gave me many very useful technics about anxiety management and insomnia. I liked that she had so many useful and practical information to share. I would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering from anxiety. Yigit A. 4 April 2019
Caroline has been pivotal in helping me to overcome my nail biting habit. I was feeling very down about it, and lacking confidence at work because of it. I couldn't believe how quickly my nails grew after seeing Caroline. I highly recommend her, and I won't hesitate in going to Caroline again if I have other issues to overcome Patsy F. 27 March 2019.
Value for money? 5 stars, in my opinion, is still an understatement. Meeting Caroline and trying hypnosis to free myself from social anxiety, and to deal with intrusive thoughts was a life-changing experience. Over the course of three meetings my mindset was completely changed. I would strongly recommend to anyone who consider this form of therapy. Eva M. 8 March 2019
I’d like to thank Caroline for the help she gave me for the anxiety and depression I was suffering due to a cancer diagnosis I had, I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t going out and was having horrible thoughts about dying, now thanks to Caroline’s help I am back to my old self, can’t thank her enough June F. 30 January 2019
I had a severe and traumatic needle phobia, which for over 30 years, had a massive negative impact on some elements of my life. I struggled with receiving medical treatment, so much to the extent that I would be sometimes too scared to even attend a hospital and doctor. I would be very anxious, sick and I would also faint at the sight or even the talk of injections! I was recently diagnosed with a medical condition which meant that I would need blood tests and venesections for the rest of my life. Not the news I wanted to hear! I had to act quick and get professional help to assist me with overcoming my phobia. I was made aware of Caroline Brown and the services that she offered. I initially had a Skype appointment with her and I was immediately impressed with the way she listened to my concerns. She genuinely listened to every word I said and I could tell that she really wanted to help me. We had further Skype and also face to face sessions which were very beneficial to me. I learned various calming, relaxation and breathing methods which I applied when I had to start my medical treatment and still continue to use. A few months on and I have had 5 venesections and countless number of blood tests. I've made more progress in the last 6 months than I have in over 30 years. That is no exaggeration. Caroline Brown's methods (especially the relaxation audio recordings) made such a massive difference to the way I applied myself in medical situations. I am so grateful to her for the services that she provided to me, her professionalism and her determination to help me overcome my phobia. I was so impressed that I will still keep in contact with her and make further appointments in the future as I would like to keep her up to date with my progress. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who has a phobia of any sort. Iain MacL. 16 November 2018
I have had great success with Caroline, would recommend to anyone looking to overcome anxiety, or nerves for a big exam. Philip B. 8 November 2018
I was able to find peace and the right approach to a problem I had, I found it very cathartic to speak with Caroline. Scott S. 19 October 2018
Caroline has a great understanding and really helped me tackle an anxious situation. Her advice and mindful techniques I found really useful and it helped me maintain discipline through my situation. She was supportive when needed. Definitely recommend her Haris R. 11 October 2018
Most understanding - was of benefit. Angus C. 6 February 2019
I would highly recommend Caroline’s services. I felt a massive improvement after just one appointment with her. Caroline provided lots of actionable advice across a range of areas I hadn’t previously considered and I felt an immediate improvement in my work and life as a result. I really enjoyed working with Caroline and would recommend this to anyone suffering from anxiety or similar issues. Thank you! Dominic M. 1 October 2018
I had been struggling with anxiety and intrusive thoughts for months before going to see Caroline. After one session with Caroline she diagnosed me with OCD which then made sense and immediately made me feel calmer. The type of OCD I have is based on a fear of my sexuality changing, a type called HOCD. I struggled with this for months but after 4-5 sessions with Caroline and the help of some medication I am finally feeling normal again, the thoughts still come and go but I am now calm and can happily live my life again rather than struggling through every day like I was before. Caroline was amazing and was always there with a speedy reply to any emails I sent when I was having a panic or bad ocd day. Can not recommend her enough! Thanks for all your help. MM 21 September 2018
Caroline is very friendly and professional, I am still early in my therapy with Caroline and find her very good. David D. 11 September 2018
After just 2 sessions with Caroline I have found my anxiety and stuttering have drastically improved. As a result I now feel more confident. Would thoroughly recommend. Derek. 4 July 2018.
I have had a fear of flying for a number of years. I have tried various methods to overcome this without any real success. After two sessions with Caroline I’m delighted to have just completed my sixth flight. I found Caroline, professional, compassionate and understanding of my fear. Both sessions were very relaxed and I definitely had a positive experience with hypnotherapy. I can not recommend Caroline highly enough. Thank you Caroline. Frances C. 30 June 2018
Firstly, and most importantly, I want to say thank you! to Caroline. She is a genuine and authentic professional, who is so easy to talk to, and takes a real satisfaction, from the changes, she can bring about for her clients. Despite being a highly experienced professional, I found myself in a toxic environment at work, which was wearing my confidence down. Caroline, via her tools and strategies, reminded me of my strengths, and how to access them. This enabled me, to very effectively deal with the overwhelmingly negative environment and challenge the behaviours, achieving a very successful outcome. When reminding me of my strengths, in an environment where I was otherwise likely to decline, she suggested that I apply for promotion, to change my mind set. Given what I was facing, this seemed to me, far fetched, but, I followed her advice and "against the odds", I have now moved into a senior position. I write all this, with one wish, if you are thinking Caroline might be of help, with your own particular situation, then take that first step, I'm so glad I did. Harry Mac. 29 June 2018
Two sessions of Hypnotherapy with Caroline and I can gladly say that my anxiety has gone. I found Caroline very easy to talk to, knowledgeable and compassionate. She knew exactly how to resolve my issue. I would thoroughly recommend Caroline to anyone with anxiety issues. Hypnotherapy was calming and relaxing and I am blown away with the difference it has made in such a short period of time. Keep up the excellent work Caroline. Karen. 1 June 2018
Fantastic! My 12yr old daughter had severe anxiety which effected her schooling. Her attendance dropped as a result. She had sore stomaches, dihorrea, trouble sleeping and hated school. Often in tears I spoke to guidance teacher and gp to no avail. So I took matters into my own hands and found Caroline. My daughter was apprehensive at first thinking she would never get any better. Caroline made her feel at ease and relaxed. She found the sessions enjoyable. Caroline also gave her a recording to listen to at night. After 5 sessions she was feeling better in herself, enjoying school and didnt havr to leave classes anymore. Im so pleased to have my daughter back Caroline worked wonders and I would highly recommend. Karen McF. 18 May 2018
I saw Caroline to help with my anxiety and constant worrying. After only one session I have been much more calm in stressful situations and live a little more in the now and not the “what if”. Hoping to see her again soon to kick the anxiety to the kerb completely and tackle my arachnophobia. Hypnotherapy is a great way of getting your brain really listening without being overrun with other sensations. Kirsty T. 17 May 2018
I can’t thank Caroline enough, I attended for anger, stress and anxiety to the extent my 2 daughters feared me. I have now spent a fun filled day with one and been out for a meal with the other now both are talking to me again and more importantly they want to spend time with me and both have stated that they love me and I haven’t heard that from them in a long time. This woman is a saint and I’d not only recommend her to my friends, I’d recommend her to everyone. Thank you Caroline you have changed my life. William S. 18 April 2018
Can't recommend Caroline enough. She's helping me take a new course in my struggle against anxiety. Easy to talk with and she has a very professional and caring manner in making me feel relaxed and able to face my problems that have plagued my life for so long. I don't understand how it works but for me it's not short of a miracle. I think it's really wonderful what she can do with her professional expertise to help people who are struggling. I wish I saw her years ago. Thank you Caroline. Paul H. 8 April 2018.
Caroline has really helped me to deal with my anxiety. I have been seeing her for about 6 weeks and have had 3 sessions in that time. She has identified things for me to work on and given me tools that I will use again and again. She has also helped me look at my life in an all round holistic way and helped me to plan goals and set a routine. I would really recommend her, my progress with her has been quick and I believe she would be able to help many more people. I was living away from home so could only do Skype interviews, but it was very worthwhile and meant I was able to plan my time better. Her blog also offers some very good advice and is good to keep updated with. Thank you Caroline! Ross F. 7 April 2018
Caroline is a wonderful person to work with, so easy to speak to and puts you at ease from the minute I walked through the door. I can't recommend her enough. I have been to see psychologists before but I had no luck, but when I decided to work with Caroline she was the only one that help me overcome a fear that I had been holding on to for years. I am delighted with the end result don't hesitate to book with her, ITS A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. DNM. 2 April 2018
Really enjoyed my 1st ever Therapy Session with Caroline. Wasn't sure what to expect before I went but walked away feeling calm and relaxed. I've had to deal with Anxiety most of my life and if your a sufferer you know the feeling, seeking help is the best way to try and beat it. Kevin M. 4 March 2018
Would highly recommend. Caroline was very friendly and made you feel relaxed. Found it easy to open up about my aniexty issues. I found after one session I notice changes. I also enjoy listening to the recording given to me which I listen to at night which relaxes me and I quickly fall asleep listening to it. My aniexty issues have improved a great deal since my first session. Bryan S. 1 March 2018
I can not recommend Caroline highly enough. I attended for cbt/hypnotherapy about 9 months ago as I was suffering from extreme stress and anxiety. She is a very empathetic and knowledgeable lady and she definitely helped me to reevaluate my work/life balance. I always find meditation very difficult however she provides you with hypnotherapy recordings for me were like meditation as they helped me to clear my mind while listening to them. Even now, 9 months later, Caroline will happily and quickly reply to my emails. I honestly can not recommend her highly enough. Lin T 18 February 2018
I found Caroline to be very helpful. She got to the heart of my problem and ways to help it. I would not hesitate to recommend her. Jimmy B. 5 February 2018.
Put at ease within minutes, positive experience in every way. Would recommend Caroline Catherine M. 4 February 2018
With me, it was about moving forward. The past has been, it always will be, but it’s how you react now. This, after years of heartache was what I was looking for. Caroline is experienced, genuine, strong and empathetic. She listens well and quickly comes up with practical, rational approaches. The hypnosis feels safe and left me feeling peaceful. I didn’t feel vulnerable at all (that was a worry) and always felt aware, just very relaxed. After one session my sleep problems lessened considerably and I approached difficulties from the past in a completely different, stronger manner. I would recommend Caroline in a heartbeat. AMM. 12 January 2018
I have found hypnosis absolutely life changing. I suffered with stress induced vomiting to the extent I began to vomit every time I ate. I was hospitalised several times but the medications the doctors gave me didn't help. I had one session of hypnotherapy with Caroline and my anxiety and vomiting was completely cured! I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering physical symptoms related to emotional upheaval. Jenny S. 4 December 2017
I went to see Caroline Brown after experiencing some fairly overwhelming anxiety symptoms in relation to a medical problem I had. I had absolutely no experience of hypnotherapy and was a little sceptical. Having exhausted other methods I turned to Caroline out of sheer desperation. My sessions with Caroline have been invaluable. She put me at ease immediately and I found it very easy to open up to her and to explain exactly what my issues were. I found her to be non-jugemental, kind and understanding. She was very focussed and did not allow me to stray from the issue which gave me confidence that we were targeting particular areas and that it wasn't just an offload session. Our sessions, of which there were five in total, all began with a period of focussed discussion where Caroline helped me acknowledge and address my anxieties. She was kind yet firm and questioned certain thought patterns, ideas and behaviours without making me feel embarrassed or judged. After this period of discussion Caroline would hypnotize me. This involved speaking to me in a very calming manner and going through some steps to make me feel relaxed. At no point did I feel uncomfortable, of altered mind or controlled, which was what I associated hypnotherapy with. I just felt exceptionally relaxed and at times a little sleepy. At this stage Caroline would talk to me about my anxieties, sometimes questioning me a little more intensively. I would be able to respond and have what felt like a normal discussion. The difference, however, was that I was able to discuss some things that I had been unable to before due to overwhelming feelings of anxiety. In this calm state we discussed my health anxieties, we looked at practical ways of dealing with them and Caroline also reinforced a sense of security and well being by offering reassuring comments. The results have been massive. From the very first session I have felt empowered and uplifted. I have generally felt a bit calmer which has in turn allowed me to push myself in other ways in overcoming my anxiety. I recently had an operation and unlike previous surgeries, the lead up and aftermath were far more manageable. Family members and friends have noticed and commented on the difference. I am not quite sure what exactly has lead to this change but I am sure it is a direct result of my meetings with Caroline. Not only am I exceptionally grateful to Caroline for the help she has given me over the last few months, I am also thankful to her for making me realise that change is possible. I would absolutely recommend her and would not hesitate to return to her in the future if I needed help with this or other issues. Cristiana Mc. 25 November 2017
Caroline is astute, experienced and compassionate. She has helped my son using Skype consultations, and her hypnotherapy recordings have definitely reduced his anxiety. In addition, she has given extra time to answer his emails and (with his permission) to discuss his problems and treatment with me. I would absolutely recommend Caroline to anyone in need of help. Victoria M. 24 November 2017
Really helped me get on with my life in a way I never imagined was possible!! Adam B. 14 November 2017
Caroline was very nice and understanding and her treatment helped. Robina A. 23 October 2017
Very happy with the hypnotherapy I received, I expected results but definitely not as quick as I gained them (which was after just 1 session). Continuing to stay positive and keep on board the good thoughts that Caroline has given me, I plan to do my best to help myself and continue to succeed in happiness. I may return in the near future for a "top-up" but for the time being I am doing all I can to help myself. Dylan T. 18 October 2017
Could not believe how positive and relaxed outlook I have after visiting caroline. Highly recommended. Steven F. 8 October 2017
I see Caroline for supervision (Hypnotherapy), I have found her to be very knowledgable, kind and supportive. I look forward to our sessions, and know at the end of them that I will feel reasured and confident in taking my next steps with more challenging cases. I would highly recommend Caroline. Kate M. 23 September 2017
I had three sessions and began to feel better quite soon after the first session. I will keep following Caroline's advice and listening to her tapes. Caroline makes you feel comfortable right away and has a straight forward no nonsense approach. Definitely worth trying if you want to change your approach to things and feel more confident. Carol. 17 September 2017
I have worked with Caroline and found her to be very focused in her approach on getting you to a solution, I would recommend her to anyone looking for change and a shot of confidence like me. Tony S. 7 September 2017
After 10 years of avoiding flying I approached Caroline as a last resort for hypnosis however she found it was other issues that were causing my anxiety. After 2 sessions I felt relaxed and confident about my journey ahead, I listened to the audio recording every evening on the run up to my trip and it couldn't have gone any smoother. Can't wait to book another trip. Wish I had done it sooner and will definitely be recommending her services in future. Lorraine P. 28 August 2017
Went to Caroline over fears of Public Speaking and have found after just two sessions that I am ready to face the challenge, would thoroughly recommend if you have fears of this nature to make an appointment with Caroline, you have nothing to lose but lots to gain. A Director. 28 July 2017
I went to see Caroline to help me attend an Endoscopy. I had a great deal of anxiety around this issue, firstly to actually go in the building and secondly to ensure that I did not obstruct the doctors from carrying out what they needed to do. I had three sessions using hypnosis to help with this and CBT for sleep issues. These sessions helped greatly with my breathing and I believe this has given me a skill for life. My Endoscopy was a very positive and successful experience as a result. Caroline made me feel at ease quickly and I would recommend her highly. Janet S. 19 July 2017
Just try it! I've seen the benefits of hypnotism, through my involvement in sport, over the years, and had often thought of "trying" it. Having faced some "challenges" at work recently, I thought Caroline would be a good choice, as I needed a "tune up" and also had existing ambitions to improve, in both my work and personal life. I was approaching this from a good place, very much content with my life, but I just wanted to improve. I was not disappointed and in fact I was delighted with Caroline's support. This was because she could seamlessly move from work aspects to personal aspects providing effective interventions in both areas. She has a relaxed easy going approach and her conversations quickly identified where and how her hypnotism would be best deployed for myself. This felt very personal and is why her one to one sessions, really added value for me. Having made significant improvements in my approach to my career, I threw her the curved ball of; increasing my motivation to do housework!!.. And to my wife's delight that worked. Seriously though, this conversation revealed some interesting aspects about how I motivate myself and for me that underlined the value of my sessions with Caroline as whole. Whether addressing increasing my confidence or my motivation, it was also gaining the understanding of the issues I faced and the solutions she used, that have allowed me to apply this new understanding elsewhere. I am writing this long post in case you are unsure, in the hope that you just give it a try. Good luck and all the best. Harry Mac. 11 July 2017
I saw Caroline for three sessions for help in dealing with a fear of rats that occurred after seeing one in my home. I was suitably traumatised after this and hadn't been living at home for almost four months when I went to see Caroline. I wasn't even able to walk down my street but within three weeks of seeing her, I was back at home! With a combination of hypnotherapy and talking things through in a rational, practical way, I was able to cope with my feelings and stop them taking over me. Although I feel as though the fear is still there, I have much more control over it and I feel equipped the with skills and resources I would need if I am ever faced with the same situation again. I would definitely recommend Caroline. Beth C. 5 July 2017
It was my last resort as I had tried every other treatment for my depresssion/anxiety and was sceptical of Hypnotherapy but decided to give it a try. I found working with Caroline great as the atmosphere was relaxed and she listened intently to everything that I was saying and quickly came up with techniques that has greatly improved my life. Matthew T. 5 July 2017
It has been a complete pleasure working with and meeting Caroline. A very wise, experienced and well qualified lady who's skills go way beyond hypnotherapy. Caroline has given me support in sleep challenges (my initial request), life style and quality of life in general. I highly recommend Caroline, and wish I had met her sooner. Lesley W. 31 May 2017
I went to Caroline with anxiety issues which came on for specific reasons.she diagognosed me with OCD. After 8 months on medication I felt I had to try something else because although I felt better in the main, I still had recurring feelings about the same issues which came on intermittently causing more anxious feelings. Caroline gave me a different way to look at things and tools to use to combat any of the feelings. After 3 sessions I feel back to myself and back in control and am still pinching myself in disbelief!I would recommend anyone going through any situation to give Caroline a try. I was very sceptical going in but seems to have worked much faster than I would ever gave believed. Thank you caroline. Eddie.1 May 2017
I've been to see Caroline for a couple of different reasons and she is just amazing. I have had a fear of public speaking for many years, and went to see her so that I could take part in a group presentation for university. I had already missed many presentations at university due to panic attacks and this was my last chance of the year to have a go at it. Before working with Caroline I was to scared to even focus on the work to do the presentation for fear of the presentation itself. After working with Caroline I managed the presentation, with no negative feedback! A second time I have seen Caroline is for help with migraines. I was diagnosed with chronic migraine condition, which has interrupted my studies and disrupted my exams. I am still in the process of using Caroline's techniques to help me for this but I am optimistic about the results. Caroline instantly makes you feel welcome, and at ease, and she also understands what you need, sometimes better than you do yourself! I really like her approach to therapy, she takes things that you feel might be a bit weird and explains them in a way that makes sense and doesn't seem so odd, and from the moment you meet her you just feel like things are going to be ok. She also gives you recordings to listen to which are extremely helpful and tailored to your needs. I would completely reccomend to anyone needing help. Maddie. 30 April 2017
I went to Caroline for a one-off hypnotherapy session to work on confidence before a job interview. I found her entire set-up to be very professional, and was both surprised and pleased when Caroline forwarded me links to two different sleep downloads after I told her I was struggling with sleep. These were provided at no extra cost. I have never tried hypnotherapy before, and found the experience to be similar to both guided meditation and guided relaxation. Very soothing! Sophie L. 26 April 2017
I went to see Caroline on three occasions and found her to be very patient professional and helpful. As well as discussion and hypnotherapy at her premises the recording she emailed me was a very useful tool. I would accordingly recommend this lady without hesitation. Nick C. 24 April 2017
Both my sons have attended 3 sessions for anxiety and I really do think it's made a difference. They have had no episodes since starting the hypnotherapy and both seem in a better place and much more positive about life. Definitely worth trying if anxiety is taking over your life. Caroline made both boys feel at ease. Gillian H. 13 April 2017
Caroline was so helpful when I was dealing with some anxiety issues and I highly recommend the hypnotherapy she offered me. One session alone changed so much for me and I managed to put all my concerns and stresses into perspective which really helped me manage my anxiety. Ashley M. 16 March 2017
Having initially visited Caroline several years ago for help with insomnia, I returned last week for advice and guidance in another area of life which was causing some difficulties. On each occasion Caroline has immediately made me feel at ease, and has offered a perfect balance of practical advice alongside the hypnotherapy. I feel rejuvenated with a new found sense of optimism upon leaving a session, which I find transpires into my everyday life and allows me to tackle my problems head on with a renewed sense of self confidence and inner wellbeing. I could not recommend carolines services highly enough and encourage anyone who is in doubt to give hypnotherapy a try with Caroline, I would be very surprised if they were not pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of only one session. Emily B. 13 March 2017
I found working with Caroline extremely helpful in dealing with challenges in my professional life. Caroline is friendly, humorous and very practical in her approach; this helped me to see a way through my anxious thoughts in a way which I could apply in my daily life. I have regularly used the hypnosis recordings Caroline gave me to deal successfully with sleep problems and to help me manage my work life. I enjoyed working with Caroline and will certainly make further appointments in future. Elisabeth. 12 March 2017
Booked 3 appointments with Caroline each one is 1 week apart my 1 appointment I must say I was pleasantly surprised Caroline made me feel welcome and very relaxed and I am now really looking forward to my next appointments. Also Caroline sent me a recording which I have been listening to daily. I have been to see Caroline for ibs and anxiety. I feel Caroline is the help I need to get my life back for myself and my children. Lisa W. 9 March 2017
Caroline is a very calming and sensible person. Only had 1 session but feel much more confident and looking forward to more sessions to get back in control. Thank you, Caroline. Gal M. 9 March 2017
I have had 3 sessions with Caroline now and already I consider it a very valuable part of my personal and career development. In fact this was even the case after the first time I visited, to seek help with the occasional red sweaty face problem. I can laugh a bit now and it happens to us all occasionally but this was happening in work and causing me to feel huge embarrassment in front of colleagues who are taking a lead from me and I felt it was damaging my credibility when it happened, especially if this was in front of everyone during meetings. My worry was folk would think whats wrong with her and not take me seriously. Really stressful, especially the anticipation and fear of 'when will it happen next?' It could have become quite debilitating. I wanted help to understand it and obviously overcome it. Caroline helped me find other ways of looking at and dealing with it and somehow I/she/we minimised it to become quite inconsequential in my mind. She also helped in many other ways too and I felt immediately more confident and assured after an hour in her company. I don't know how she does it but she's a very very clever and kind lady and I look forward to many more sessions ahead. Highly recommended! A god send! Cecilia van der Ven. 7 March 2017
Went to see Caroline about my anxiety about giving birth. Straight away I felt at ease with Caroline as she put me into a deep sleep. Her therapy on the day's I visited her practice and also the recordings she sent me helped me enormously as I felt extremely calm throughout the process of my baby birth. I cant recommend her services highly enough ! Thank you Caroline. Lisa-Anne 19 December 2016
I had been suffering from social anxiety as a result of a complex mix of stresses in work etc. Caroline quickly established the root causes of my concern and effectively worked through the issues. In only two sessions I have seen very positive results and feel I'm getting back to myself. I would and have highly recommended Caroline. Her manner and delivery is very professional and reassuring. Iain K. 19 October 2016
I was in a horrible place suffering from severe anxiety and OCD and didn't see any hope. Caroline helped me realise that there were tools I could use to deal with these issues. Although, I still have OCD thoughts, CBT has helped me understand that these are only thoughts and I don't have to give them any weight. Hypnotherapy helped with relaxing me in the worst times of high anxiety. I am still on my journey but I have improved from someone who could not function, eat or sleep to being back at work and eating/sleeping much better. Caroline is also a very nice and approachable person. I felt the real benefit after about 4/5 sessions so stick with it if you go down this route. Anonymous on Freeindex. 11 October 2016
I suddenly out of the blue suffered from horrid thoughts earlier this year so I decided to visit a therapist to see what the issue was and the treatments available. Caroline had really positive reviews I knew she dealt with anxiety issues and I have always been a very anxious person. Caroline immediately diagnosed me with ocd. She gave me treatments such as cbt with hypnosis to overcome the ocd. After just a few visits I understood the condition and gained control of my life again. Caroline is excellent and very easy to approach I recommend her highly. Anna H. 5 October 2016
I found my session very helpful, and would recommend Caroline to anyone looking to overcome anxiety. Philip. 10 July 2016
I had been suffering intrusive thoughts and didn't know how to deal with them. I decided to visit a therapist to see what treatments were available. I made an appointment with Caroline and was diagnosed with OCD. I never would have thought it was OCD I had. Caroline introduced me to techniques that have been clinically proven to assist in overcoming OCD such as CBT and also breathing exercises. From my visits to Caroline, I gained a much better understanding of my condition, how it works and how to cope with it. When I first met Caroline I suffered from severe panic attacks and anxiety associated with my OCD but after only a few visits I learned to control the anxiety and gain some control back in my life. I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. She is very approachable and easy to talk to. JJipp. 27 September 2016.
I’m sure for a lot of people, hypnotherapy is something they have never considered and this may be in part due to the common theatrical and comedic connotations it can through up. But I can say that if you are willing to open your mind to it, it can work. I went to Caroline at the beginning of August this year following suffering a number of panic attacks at work which were really just an outward result of years of suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem. On meeting Caroline it was clear she was very committed to helping the people who came to see her. She was very easy to talk to and really made you feel at ease. The sessions are a mix of chatting through your thoughts and feelings and then some hypnotherapy. She’ll support you between sessions with interesting articles or video clips which can help you think about your life. She wasn’t interested in stringing your treatment out to months; in fact I was surprised when she said that I would need only 4-5 sessions. This was the case for me. I would say that in addition to hypnotherapy, I would recommend taking a holistic approach to getting yourself back on track – looking at all aspects of your life, from your sleeping routine to your diet. You may also wish to complement your sessions with Caroline with other techniques like mindfulness or pilates. I have one more session with Caroline in October but will touch base with her every now and again should I need a bit of a ‘boost’ in the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Caroline. George. 25 September 2016
I first went to see Caroline around ten days ago as I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression, and had just been signed off from work. A key symptom for me was poor sleep. I had no issues getting off to sleep at night, but would consistently wake in the early hours of the morning and be then completely unable to get back to sleep. This was having a real detrimental effect on my performance the following day. The first part of the session with Caroline focused on the root causes of my anxiety and helping me to see things more clearly. Caroline also gave me a lot of practical tips for all aspects of my life and ideas for "homework" in the days following the session. The second part of the session focused on my poor sleeping. After some discussion on this, Caroline conducted some hypnotherapy centred on improving my sleep quality. This was my fist experience of hypnotherapy and I was a little apprehensive about it prior to my appointment. However, there was absolutely nothing to worry about as Caroline put me at my ease from the moment I arrived. The hypnotherapy itself was incredibly relaxing and comfortable. When I left the appointment I immediately felt more positive and in control. Later that day Caroline emailed me a summary of her notes from our session and included a sleep hypnotherapy recording to listen to each night at bedtime. I have listened to the recording every day for 9 days now and I am delighted to say that my sleep has improved vastly, with noticeable improvement within two or three days of the appointment. I still wake once in the early hours but now I have no problem in going back to sleep immediately. My feelings of positivity and calmness have continued in the days following the session and I would have no hesitation in recommending Caroline's services. Less Publicly respond to this review Anonymous on Freeindex. 20 September 2016
Caroline has a natural calming aura that instantly put me at ease. She is a fantastic listener and provides a space where the most irrational thoughts or problems are tackled with professionalism and empathy. I am having on-going sessions with Caroline for help with panic attacks and health anxiety. Her use of Hypnosis has enabled me to sleep better, relax my mind and calm myself down during an anxiety episode. I would highly recommend Caroline's services and I am looking forward to my next appointment. Kayleigh S. 16 September 2016
I decided on hypnotherapy after a long time struggling with public speaking, memory and confidence. To be honest going in I was skeptical and doubted I could be hypnotised, but given I hadn't made any progress in the past despite working really hard at it, I was willing to try. Caroline really put me at ease and I liked her warm but no nonsense approach. Very down to earth and interesting person, could listen to her for hours. I had 2 hypnosis sessions and to my surprise went into it very easily. After only 2 sessions, my communication difficulty went, spoke easily in a job interview, and got the job :) I have no idea how it worked, but it did, and has had other positive spin off effects. Can't imagine a greater gift. Thank you Caroline. Speechless in Glasgow. 25 August 2016
Have just had my first appointment with Caroline so can't really judge it in terms of helping with my anxiety so far. However what I can surely say is that Caroline is very professional yet very welcoming, reassuring, compassionate and positive person who has the ability to help you feel you can trust her in improving your situation. Very happy with my choice of the therapist and looking forward to the next session with her. Lucia. 25 August 2016
What a lovely and very helpful lady. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks again. Tatiana Thana. 14 July 2016
Caroline assisted me with dealing with a particular situation which was troubling me. She was extremely effective, and I have found the practical techniques that she taught me to be very useful. She is welcoming and easy to talk to. If you are considering seeking her services, I would recommend her wholeheartedly and without hesitation. Whatever is bothering you, big or small, Caroline will assist you in channelling your own resources to deal with it. Jo. 4 July 2016
I have only had one session with Caroline and I am glad I went. She knows her stuff and is very confidant she can sort out my issues. Mr Young, 22 June 2016
Only had one appointment so far; but I have already noticed a difference, Caroline is a very welcoming individual who made me feel very comfortable before we began the hypnotherapy session. I am very much looking forward to my next appointment Emma K 4 June 2016
Caroline has provided me with an alternative lens through which to view daily activities and interactions I previously found stressful. Anxiety was preventing me from enjoying all the good things in my life and was hindering my effectiveness at work. Caroline's pragmatic yet sympathetic approach made our sessions a secure environment to share these private difficulties. Together we explored and employed techniques to concentrate on the positives and control the negatives; a tool kit I use daily. Thank you Caroline. Rebekah W 1 June 2016
I wanted to say thank you very much for your help with my anxiety about my recent long haul trip to San Francisco. I had a great trip and a hugely improved flight experience. Although I still experienced some anxiety in the days running up to the trip (perhaps I wasn't sure if hypnotherapy would work having never done it before!), the actual flight itself was great. I'd even go so far as to say as I really enjoyed both the time spent at the airport and the flight itself! A huge improvement from my previous trip, so thanks again. E Duncan 13 May 2016
I went to see Caroline 2 years ago. She really helped me with my positive thinking and confidence. 2 years later i'm thinking about new challenges I can take on. I recently competed and won a kick boxing fight. Something I wouldn't have imagined doing 2 years ago. Thanks so much! Allen McD 5 May 2016
Nick CROAN nmlcroan@aol.com Dundee NEW3 days ago I found my first meeting very helpful. Caroline put me at ease and asked all the right questions so that she was able to understand the issues to be addressed. I look forward to working further with Caroline. Nick C 5 May 2016
Caroline has helped me with various elements of my life that ranged from anxiety, depression to insomnia. I felt at total ease with the CBT hypnosis technique she applies to each session as she makes you feel very comfortable throughout and I easily slipped into a state of hypnosis (I'd been to see 4 hypnotist previously with no results whatsoever). My life is unrecognisable now from the 5 sessions I've had over a 3 year period. I can't recommend Caroline enough. Del S. 19 April 2016
Caroline is very calming, welcoming puts you at ease. She is a positive influence to help you overcome your fears and anxieties. Excellent therapist. Would definately recommend. Colin. 16 April 2016
Caroline has been a lifesaver for me. I wrote another review about six months ago when I first finished my therapy sessions with her, and I just thought I'd add another update about my recent progress. When I came to Caroline I'd already seen three other psychologists for my OCD and anxiety, the last of which had actually made me a lot worse due to her total lack of understanding of the condition. Caroline is really well-versed in CBT and ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) - the only way of actually conquering OCD entirely. Working on my OCD with her was really hard, but it would have been impossible without her. After nearly 15 years of suffering I can honestly say that I am nearly free of my symptoms. There are still days when I have to work at it, but I no longer sit in a ball, crying my eyes out and unable to eat. I am slowly regaining my confidence, and I am even writing a short book on my experience to try and help others. Caroline helped me understand an illness that had me baffled for more than half my life, and in just six little sessions she got me from being unable to function, to being a much happier person again. Cannot recommend her enough. Lucy. 16 March 2016
Very Welcoming Lady, I immediately felt at ease. It is no surprise Caroline is busy as I really felt she understood me and was able to pinpoint my issues. After one session I already had certain techniques that I was immediately able to put in place. Very professional session and I can see a very positive path ahead working with her. James. 1 March 2016
I contacted Caroline as I have developed a mild phobia when driving. I also need to hone my assertiveness skills and confidence. Caroline set up an initial face time appointment which I found very helpful. She patiently listened and guided me back when I was veering off the subject. I think she has identified areas where I can focus initially. I am very hopeful that a few sessions of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy will help my confidence and well being. I look forward to continuing. Annette. 26 February 2016
Excellent professional service, really helping me to get back in control of my life. Would highly recommend Caroline to anyone suffering with Anxiety, as she as helped me to no end with my health anxiety already after just three sessions. Anonymous on Freeindex. 11 February 2016
I went to see Caroline for anxiety and sleep problems, that night I had the best sleep that I'd had in 10 years. I was skeptical of hypnotherapy and had no idea how it could work. Having now experienced it for myself I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Jessica. 5 February 2016
I developed a real problem with a sport I love, skiling. This came on from nowhere. I didn't have a bad fall or a specific incident. I just developed crushing headaches every time I went in the slopes. This ruined a family holiday and was limiting something that my partner and I had enjoyed as a couple. We were invited to go to France with family in Jan this year and it was decision time. Find a way to overcome my fears or miss out again. I decided to get help and after researching websites, I booked to see Caroline. She told me she hadn't done much with sports before or had skied herself, but I knew from my first appointment that she was going to help me get over my fears. Basically, I only needed 3 appointments and with self help in between that she taught me, I felt a million dollars and was looking forward to the holiday. I returned on 11 January 2016 and had not just the best ski holiday ever, but the best holiday ever. I was a little nervous at first but remembered all that Caroline had taught me and was back the first day loving the slopes and my fear and headaches were done, never to return. I can't thank Caroline enough and would have no hesitation in highly recommending her. Whatever your worry, go see her now. No hard sell, just fast, comfortable solutions (for me anyway). Sharon. 28 January 2016.
Caroline offers very practical advice and techniques to help you move forward in your life. She is very easy to get on with and helps you to see the areas of your life that need attention. It is not a passive treatment and does require effort on your own part to use these techniques and a determination to move on. If you are ready and willing to do this then this treatment is for you. You are always aware of what is happening during hypnotherapy and can relax knowing that you are being supported through your troubles. I found Caroline very helpful and have tools to move forward in life which I am putting into daily practice. I would definitely recommend her. Susan. 28 January 2016
I recently had my first session with Caroline and I am already feeling better after suffering with bad anxiety/health anxiety. I'm looking forward to another session and being well again! Donna. 13 January 2016
I first chose hypnotherapy after suffering years of anxiety and after trying lots of other options. (nothing worked for me). I was a bit sceptical and very nervous but Caroline made me feel very much at ease. I have now had 2 sessions and though I am not anxiety free I can cope much better and have a better understanding of why I have anxious thoughts. I do the relaxation tape at night and find this very helpful. I now look at life and its challenges much differently and to me this is such a relief not to feel fearful all the time. I would recommend Caroline to anyone who is suffering from anxiety as she has helped me greatly. Debbie F. 11 January 2016
Hi, I went to Caroline Brown because of my fear of flying. I was amazed after the first session how my thoughts and feelings about flying and about other anxieties in my life had completely changed. I had calmed down more about time keeping and about stressful things that would normally bother me. I was feeling much more happy and calm which isn't a feeling I ever normally have. My second session we seem to have combated my overall fear of flying and I'm so excited to go on my honeymoon now (I'm going to be on 9 planes over the space of 3 weeks). Caroline gave me strategies and techniques to help me in the airport and whilst on the plane. I feel a lot more confident and happy about flying and in life in general. I appreciate everything Caroline has done for me and I cannot believe how much hypnosis works! Louise B. 3 January 2016
I went to Caroline with what I thought was claustrophobia. We talked on our first session, she was very understanding, she then done hypnotherapy my fear was gone within 2 sessions. It was fantastic! f you do your homework it pays off. Thanks Caroline. Lynn C. 8 December 2015
I attended two sessions with Caroline and found the therapy to be exceptional. Caroline has now given me the confidence to ensure that I have the ability to give presentations without being being nervous which I was before. I would highly recommended meeting with Caroline if you are experiencing any issues of confidence or anxiety. Jenny. 2 December 2015
For the last 2 months my concentration abilities when playing golf have reached and been maintained at an incredible and satisfactory high level. My progress has been gradual and due to perseverance and patience on my part but mainly as a result of your excellent guidance. Heartfelt thanks Tom B. 28 November 2015
I went to visit Caroline to help with my problems with anxiety. I felt like I had completely lost control of my own emotions. After just one session with Caroline I already started to feel relaxed and at ease. I had never tried hypnotherapy before and this is something I would definitely recommend. It wasn't scary at all, it was the complete opposite and Caroline made me feel very relaxed and at ease. I would highly recommend her. Jodie N. 23 November 2015
I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders after the first session. Really looking forward to my next one. Karen C. 22 November 2015
I first visited Caroline in Aug 2015 after researching therapists who specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Caroline's approach of combining hypnotherapy with CBT techniques has proved to be hugely beneficial in reducing my overall levels of anxiety, and setting me on a positive path to overcoming what has been for me, a lifelong problem. The therapies used are no doubt good in themselves however, it is very much Caroline’s skill and experience as a practitioner, that I believe has been the key factor in my improvement. Specifically, she has helped me gain a deep insight into the underlying thought processes that have created and sustained problems such as social anxiety, lack of self-belief and blushing. I still have some way to go however underlying, I feel significantly better in the knowledge that Caroline’s help and guidance, combined with her therapeutic techniques, have made a real difference where many previous attempts have failed. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone experiencing similar problems. P from Glasgow. 17 November 2015
Thanks for yesterday. Feeling good today. Had a good night at martial arts class last night. The way i feel is that if I go to think about that worry I had or something in the past about it...then it feels like there's block in my head from thinking about it and then I start thinking about something good...like my class. I love what you do, definitely works for me! Allen Mc. 4 November 2015
Excellent session afterwards I felt so relaxed and slept very well that night. Caroline put me at ease and has a caring, empathetic approach which creates a safe, warm environment. I would recommend this experienced, excellent practitioner. Excellent research based knowledge shown too. Jeanette H. 29 October 2015
Thank you so much for the session on Tuesday I found it very beneficial. Over the past 2 days although not in an actual meeting room I had to chair 2 conference calls and normally I would get very nervous and anxious however I felt more confident and although I was a little nervous it was good nerves. This was just after 1 session! Really looking forward to my next session Ranni. 29 October 2015
I enjoyed my first session, and I was very comfortable speaking with Caroline before the hypnotherapy. I'm really looking forward to my next session. Lucy C 29 October 2015
Caroline saved my life - without a word of exaggeration. I came to her after 15 years of mild to moderate OCD had turned to unbelievably severe over a few months. She told me in the beginning that it would take 5-6 sessions for me to be well - something she clearly considered long. In my mind I did not believe she could make a difference that quickly. My OCD largely revolves around memories - I tend to doubt whether I did or didn't do something, and would often spend days ruminating over whether I might have done something wrong or acted out of line and simply forgot. Caroline put me through an intensive course of CBT called Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) whereby I had to listen to recordings of my worst fears for hours a day until they became silly. Believe me when I say this was HARD WORK - I've never done anything more difficult in my life. It was really painful at times, but so worth it, and essentially this type of therapy is the only way to get better. I can now look at my thoughts and realise that they are just that - thoughts, and I am doing much, much better. I'm still not 100% fine, but I get a little stronger each day as I recover from this horrible illness. Caroline is very empathetic and responded to numerous emails I sent her on my worst days - she even called me on her day off once because I wasn't coping well. I guarantee you won't find a better therapist. After only five sessions, I for one will continue to see her, but only when needed (she told me last night that I won't need to come back regularly anymore :)). Anon on Freeindex. 23 October 2015
I went to see Caroline because I had developed a fear of driving on motorways. I started to have panic attacks as soon as I was on a motorway, so I'd basically stopped using them, which had limited my life as I felt unable to visit family and friends and avoided situations that I thought would involve driving. Caroline instantly put me at ease and gave me some very useful techniques for breathing and overcoming my fears. Then she used hypnosis to allow me to visualise me driving and coping with the journey, helping me to put it in perspective. The hypnosis was very relaxing - it's not at all scary and you feel completely in control at all times. Two days later, I drove from Glasgow to Aberdeen. I've continued to drive on motorways weekly since. If I feel myself getting a bit panicky, I take control of it by using the methods Caroline taught me. It feels very reassuring to know I have the resources to cope with any panic-type feelings as they arise. The fact that I sort of worked my way through these methods in order to overcome my fears, especially during my first journey after seeing Caroline, rather than my feelings magically disappearing, is actually very comforting, because that gives me confidence that I can cope with whatever happens as it happens. I know it's very normal to have feelings like this, but how you deal with them is what matters, and Caroline gave me the ability to handle them. I feel like I've got my life back - I'm able to take the kids places and visit family and friends. I would highly recommend Caroline and will go back to her in future as I think she can help people to approach their lives in a more positive and proactive way. Eleanor C. 6 October 2015
I met with Caroline for the first time the other day and was pleasantly surprised at how well it all went. I found her to be a very clever and intuitive lady. I left feeling happy, relaxed and more positive about the future than I have in a long time. I was also really impressed by her humour and attitude. I'm really looking forward to my next appointment. Anonymous on Freeindex. 6 September 2015
I visited with Caroline to help me quit smoking - a task that seemed insurmountable at the time. I have been to see her twice now and have managed to successfully stop smoking for 7 weeks (and counting). She made me feel comfortable and at ease, and was professional with just the right amount of pressure to really shift my mindset to that of a non smoker. She has shown amazing support since our sessions - I now update her weekly on my progress, which in itself is really helping me to persevere as a non smoker. The combination of hypnosis and CBT is a good one if you are fighting with yourself - it's not a magic solution, and you still need to work really hard, but this is the only way I have successfully managed to quit, and I would recommend Caroline to anyone in the same position. Reb G. 1 September 2015
I was a bit anxious before attending my appointment with Caroline but there was no need. I was put at ease in the first 5 minutes and found her really easy to talk to. I will book another appt. And see how things go from there. Pauline McA. 29 August 2015
My daughter struggled to get back to school after the christmas holidays and seemed to lack confidence. We tried all things we could think off to get a return to some normality. We booked a session with Caroline and she explained that she used hypnosis and cognitive behaviour techniques in these instances. We were astonished by the results, after sporadic attendance at school for several weeks after one session with Caroline, my daughter returned to school full time and hasn't looked back since. We "top up" sessions every few months and my daughter enjoys the sessions and we've noticed that her confidence and well being is very high. We're looking forward to a normal life. Caroline is warm, friendly and puts you at ease the moment you meet her. She was everything I hoped she'd be and so much more! My teen took to her straight away, that to me speaks volumes. As a family, we can't thank Caroline enough for her help with getting us back on the road to normality. I Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Caroline to anyone who's struggling as we were. Aileen Miller 14 August 2015
I contacted Caroline with regards to my anxiety issues. I have now been to see her 3 times undergoing hypnosis and have my sessions to be beneficial as I believe that I recently dealt with a very stressful situation found in my life far better than I think I would've done if I hadn't gone to see her. She is very friendly and professional in her approach and I am always made to feel comfortable. I also genuinely feel that she truly understands my issues which is reassuring. I am continuing to listen to her 'feeling better' recording and intend to go back to see her in the near future. I would definitely recommend Caroline's services. Cara Murdoch. 3 August 2015
Caroline listened to my anxiety issues that have been making life increasingly difficult to cope with. In two 1 hour sessions Caroline was able to help me see clearer and find ways to cope with life's anxieties and not letting it destroy my life. I'd highly recommend Caroline. She was compassionate, a good listener and had answers to all my questions. Sophie C. 30 July 2015
At the age of 44yrs old I find my journey in life a little turbulent to say the least, and the expectations from others piling up unrealistically. My confidence was rock bottom and my thinking was very slow affecting all aspects of my life. I contacted Caroline, where I was met by a very professional knowledgeable lady. This immediately placed me at ease, after an initial consultation, I made a further where I experienced hypnosis. Cognitive therapy qnd hypnosis have changed my life for the better and given me back control again. I would not hesitate in recommending hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy to everyone. Its benefits are empowering. Most definitely value for money. Donna. 26 July 2015
Booked for my daughter's anxiety, and after the first session I can see improvements in her already. Have booked another session for her as I feel it is going in the right direction in trying to help her cope with her anxiety and lack of self confidence. Also must say that Caroline is a very nice person and puts you at ease from the moment you arrive. I just wish that we had tried hypnotherapy sooner for our daughter and not as a last resort. Alison S. 18 July 2015
Very friendly and professional service. Would highly recommend. Clare F. 16 July 2015
Deciding to consult Caroline is one of the wisest things I've done. Calmly and objectively she defined and then challenged a number of negative mental and emotional habits and patterns of behaviour that have caused me pretty severe anxiety in the past: as a result, and after only three sessions, I'm far more relaxed and confident about my responsibility for my own wellbeing and my capacity for living a more fulfilling life. C Andrew. 15 July 2015
I contacted Caroline a few weeks ago with regard to anxiety and ibs. After just one session for Ibs it greatly improved and I couldn't believe how effective Caroline's hypnotherapy techniques were for this! We are currently working on the anxiety and I am confident with her different approaches (which include CBT during hypnosis) we will beat my anxieties. I am already a much more confident person and less worried than before I met Caroline. I absolutely recommend her! Fiona. 13 July 2015
aroline Brown's service was much needed. As a student, I have always been hesitant to spend money on things I consider a "luxury" and thus was very nervous to stretch my budget to include anxiety therapy. Far from a luxury, anxiety therapy is indeed a necessity, especially in my case where I felt an overwhelming sense of despair and fear. Caroline's confidence and rational way of seeing things was very calming, as it helped put my situation in perspective. That aspect of the therapy worked very well, though the hypnotherapy combined with the session truly made a difference. Though I was always skeptical of hypnotherapy, I can say for certain that it has worked for me in that I am no longer even able to rationalize my irrational thoughts, and thus I am unable to allow them to consume my peace of mind. Beyond the therapy, Caroline is a very attentive therapist. I appreciate how well she follows up with me after the session, and how attentive she was prior to the session, dedicating time to me before the scheduled meeting. Jailene S. 8 July 2015
Caroline is very professional and lovely. I'm still currently working with her but have found massive improvements with various anxiety and ibs issues since I started. I'm glad I decided to go ahead with it and I look forward to seeing how far I've come when my sessions are over. Fi. 4 July 2015
Very happy with my first appointment, looking forward to the next. Would recommend. Jack C. 1 July 2015
Caroline is an open, easy and friendly professional. She is gifted with an intuitive wisdom and I always look forward to my sessions with her: they are a tonic for the soul. Highly recommended. Nick R. 30 June 2015
was recommended Caroline by a family friend, with regards to Anxiety.. After just 1 visit I feel more in control and aware. Caroline is open, passionate and easy to talk to and made me feel completely at ease straight away.. As regards to the fee I feel it's so much value for the fee she charges…it wasn't a visit that the therapist was watching the clock.. You can't put a fee on mental health!! Look forward to my nxt visit, thanx again Caroline. Des H. 21 June 2015
Caroline is a consummate professional hypnotist who really does care about helping others. What is more, her hypnotique and counselling skills do actually work! She is articulate, friendly and relaxing. I came to Caroline with a sceptical mindset, however, she soon proved to me that hypnotism really does work in resetting mindsets and in allaying anxiety and stress symptoms. Having had 3 sessions with Caroline, I can only sing her praises as she really has made a difference to me in coping with anxiety and stress. I would wholeheartedly endorse Caroline. I am very grateful to her. David. 17 June 2015
Caroline is not just a very skilful practitioner, she is a wonderfully wise and kind person. I would not have believed that hypnotherapy could have had such a beneficial effect. Don M. 13 June 2015
Can't recommend highly enough I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. When I met her I felt I was at the end of the road, that I was on a path that would mean I would be unhappy forever. That was only 4 weeks ago and having just finished my third session - my whole life has changed again. Caroline has taught me skills that I will continue to use to ensure I remain in control. She has been so kind to me, so empathetic and went above and beyond to help me when I was in crisis, I don't think many people would do that. In addition, she has a lovely demeanour and I felt she genuinely cared about me as a person. I found her therapy to be comforting and soothing, calming my mind and I'm delighted to have met her. I know that I'm better equipped to cope with the future having worked with Caroline. It's been a pleasure and I will recommend her happily to anyone in the future. Thank you Caroline! Gemma P. 1 June 2015.
I am happy to have worked with Caroline who has been professional caring and encouraging with my personal journey. I know the past cant be changed but now I have been gifted with some life giving tools to enjoy many present moments knowing Im not alone. Many thanks!Melanie. Melanie C. 20 May 2015
I went to Caroline to help with my sleeplessness which was having a negative affect on several aspects of my life. I fully expected to go for 5 or 6 sessions, but after just 1 session found I was sleeping much better. This had a positive knock on effect on many areas of my life, including running my own business. It only took 2 sessions in total to help see why I wasn't sleeping and what pro active measures I could take to tackle the problem. Feel like a fog has been lifted and can see things clearly now. Thank you Caroline. SW Glasgow 21 May 2015
Caroline is very obviously compassionate, it's in her face. I was full of fear for several reasons and at my tethers end somewhat. I've only had one session and already feel much better, I will be having further sessions and I just know that Caroline will be my salvation. So comforting to know. THANKYOU Hazel Hunter 8 May 2015
I have worked with Caroline over a number of sessions now working on a range of issues I have been experiencing. Although I am not completely free of all issues, I feel the sessions have given me a strength and different perspective on dealing with them and would highly recommend using hypnosis as a technique to tackle such issues. Caroline is very easy to speak to and very welcoming. Ryan Kippen. 5 May 2015
I am currently seeing Caroline for therapy and have had seen a significant improvement in my confidence after only 2 sessions. The hypnosis is different to how I expected - not frightening at all you remain in control and it is very relaxing. Caroline has a very calming and positive energy. After a severe knock to my confidence we have been working on anxiety / stress / confidence /decision making. Regaining control of my life and generally feeling good. In only two sessions I have achieved more than I imagined. Conquerimg some fears by travelling over 400 alone for a job interview and securing the job. Caroline helped me remember my own self worth and what I have to offer the world, I even enjoyed the interview! If I hadn't seen Caroline I am almost certain I would not have had the confidence to travel to and attend the interview. I will continue to see Caroline over the coming weeks to work through other challenges. Her lovely calming personality and positive energy has been of so much value to me so far. Sheryl H. 24 April 2015
I visited Caroline for help with anxiety related issues and a general feeling of discontent. One session of hypnotherapy helped me immensely and I was able to use the time to totally relax and focus on the issues at hand with no external distractions. I also had the best night's sleep I have had in ages afterwards! Kirsten. 14 April 2015
Things are continuing to go really well with my daughter. After her refusal to go to schoolShe had been at school for a full five weeks before the Easter holidays. She had one morning that she was very anxious, agitated and was shouting, and just wouldn't move from the kitchen to get dressed for going to but this has been the only time her anxiety has shown itself since she started seeing you. It was strange to see her clenching her hands, staring into space and being non responsive as we hadn't seen these actions in quite some time. All in all things are so much better, as a family we are all in a much better place than we were before. She continues to do well at school and says she is happy to be back with her friends.At her Parents Night just before the holidays the comments from her teachers were glowing. They are happy to have her back in class and have been very supportive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this type of therapy to anyone. Its certainly working for us. Ellen. 19 March 2015
Caroline is a excellent hypnosis practitioner. I found the hypnosis sessions provided an effective way in which to face certain fears and work through anxious emotions in a safe way. I hope to take these experiences and new found courage to face my fears in real life situations. Caroline also provided the tools to help me find a state of deep relaxation. I hope to use these techniques daily to keep stress levels at a manageable level. Joseph. 16 February 2015
Tried this service to boost my confidence speaking to others! Caroline makes you feel very welcome and comfortable before you begin which helps a lot. I found I was more comfortable the second time I went. So far I have noticed a positive change when speaking to others. I feel I view it differently to before which makes it easier. I am still working on speaking in front of larger groups of people so should hopefully notice an improvement in this soon. Kerry. 12 February 2015
Thanks for yesterday. I really enjoyed it and I’ve actually had a good day today after having a really good sleep last night (with really good positive dreams). Someone in work today said to me I seem happier! To be honest I’ve not been going out my way to be different today. I seem to be a little bit more comfortable talking to people and wanting to interact with them rather than go out my way to avoid it. I think we are most definelty on the right track and I’ll have a wee think about things we can include in our next session. I’ll be booking another appointment in 2 weeks. All in all a great experience!! Thanks so much. Alan. 11 February 2015
Was very effective after only 2 sessions. Would highly recommend. Bob. 10 February 2015
I have found the hypnosis to be off great benefit in many ways. Firstly, I found the hypnosis allowed me to feel a deep sense of relaxation and balance which I'd probably not experienced in many years. Also the panicky feelings that I felt during some parts of the hypnosis sessions were very beneficial in that I could face, experience and work through these feelings in a safe environment. Now, if I ever experience these feelings in a real life situation, these panicky emotions will not be perceived to be as powerful or frightening as they once were. Jim. 8 February 2015
I contacted Caroline as my son was showing signs of strange behaviour and what seemed to be tics, although we have not had a clinical diagnosis all the signs pointed to OCD. Caroline identified this as the most likely case and started a course of CBT treatment. We had 7 sessions over a 3 month period and I am glad to say that my son is on the mend and although he still has some symptoms I am sure they will go. We also spoke to our GP who put my son on medication to work alongside the therapy. We believe the symptoms my son was suffering were brought on by anxiety and lack of self belief as he is in the performing world. We are grateful to Caroline for her help and would recommend her services should you suffer from this condition. Specca. 17 January 2015
Thanks very much for the session. It found it helpful for sure. I noticed a difference as soon as I left. I left happy, less nervous and anxious which is brilliant. Is that usual to see results so quick? Rowan. 29 December 2014
Excellent I had my first appointment with Caroline yesterday to help with my anxiety. The whole experience was incredibly relaxing and positive. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone. Ian Murray 19 December 2014
Before attending hypnotherapy with Caroline, I was scared and did not know what to expect. However, on my first session she made me feel extremely comfortable, she is very welcoming and friendly. I attended the sessions as I was having intrusive thoughts about Harm. This was a difficult issue for me as I lead a great life but Caroline was helpful in making me feel "normal" and that people who do not suffer from OCD often have horrible disturbing thoughts too. The hypnosis itself is not what you would imagine it to be. It relaxes you and gives you a sense of inner peace and it is a pleasant feeling although I felt a little strange after my first time as it was a different experience, the second time was fantastic, I felt great! I strongly recommend Caroline to anyone who is suffering some form of anxiety or depression. It does not matter what the problem is, Caroline is sure to point you in the right direction of recovery. Emma G. 16 December 2014
I have had two sessions with Caroline so far and already I'm making excellent progress. She is very friendly and understanding. Caroline has a way of explaining things to the layman which I found very helpful. She is great at keeping in touch in order to ask about progress being made. Great value for money. Gary. 6 December 2014
After seeing you on Thursday I decided to go into town on Friday. My plan was to go for coffee and cake while there as this is something I had recently stopped doing. I did this and had no problems and more importantly no worries on the train home. I found I was able to direct my thoughts elsewhere when I was in danger of "checking" my bowel for IBS symptoms. I was again in town on Sunday for tea. I ate sandwiches and cakes without worrying if I would have any sudden ill effects and I found I was even more relaxed on the train home than on the Friday. Although my main concern has been managing the train journey I have found I am generally more relaxed and as a result happier. Aileen. 5 December 2014
After only 2 visits to Caroline Brown, in an attempt to improve my ability to play golf (I am pretty good, but want to improve) not only has my ability vastly improved over a short period of time but also my morale, confidence and general quality of life have been greatly enhanced. Thomas. 3 December 2014.
saw Caroline on a couple of occasions to try and help me with blushing and anxiety issues, I can't be more positive in the help she gave me in just two sessions. I've been given renewed confidence and some tools to help me continue to improve my thoughts and actions. Overall an excellent experience and one I would not hesitate to recommend. Allan. 30 November 2014
I went to see Caroline for an anxiety issue caused by me being a bit too sensitive to noise. Our sessions focussed on why I was anxious and what I could do to deal with the problem. The sessions were calming, constructive and clear. Caroline also gave me materials to use at home which reinforced our discussions. Now I'm a lot less anxious and have implemented the techniques we covered, I'm very glad I went to see Caroline. Scott. 29 November 2014
I had two sessions with Caroline and I'm so glad I found her! I have been suffering with social anxiety and public speaking phobia for a few years now. I feel like I'm back to my old self and my confidence is soaring again. I recently did some public speaking and actually enjoyed it! I can't quite put my finger on it, but it works!!! Something has clicked back into place. I even think about/approach things differently. Caroline is a lovely, warm lady who really listens to you and gives great advice. Highly recommended. I can't thank her enough. Fiona. 4 September 2014
A worthwhile experience I visited Caroline recently to help come to terms with my anxiety. She was extremely helpful and understood the source of my issue immediately, helping me to break it down into digestible chunks and move forward. I highly recommend this to anyone who is pondering over whether or not the therapy is right for you. Give it a shot and you won't regret it! Pablo Smith 29 August 2014
I have been sleeping better and feel myself calmer. Caroline has also been very kind and provided many useful advice. I feel free and comfortable telling her my concerns and the hypnotherapy sessions have also helped to clear my confusions, enabling me to have a clearer head and focussed mind. I'm glad I took the step to visit Caroline that very first time a long time ago too. Thank you very much. Caline Tan 27 August 2014
Caroline is a brilliant therapist and has helped transform my son's life. In 5 sessions she is helping my son control his childhood tics and manage his moods. He now has awareness that he can't do Everything perfect first time. He is an athlete and Caroline has helped him focus his attention on what is important. We are clients for life. A Mcp 20 August 2014
Firstly, thank you for the session yesterday. The rehearsal went well! Can't say I wasn't without nerves, but I managed to channel them and played my solo well. I'm feeling more positive. I may need another visit. Andrew. 19 August 2014
I went to Caroline Brown to get help with my panic attacks I had a bad panic attack on motorway 5 years ago and would not drive on motorways again. I went to Caroline Brown on the 15th August 2014 and had hypnosis and I was driving on motorway on the 16th Auust. Amazing! She is worth every penny. Thank you Caroline for helping me achieve my goal. Jackie Milligan from Dumfries. Jackie. 17 August 2014
Caroline has managed somehow to get me back on track. Her excellent advice and guidance has made me realise that anxiety is a condition you can be in control of. Caroline is so friendly and caring and makes you fell so welcome from the first minute. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone with similar problems. You will not be disappointed ! Thanks for all your help during those difficult times. G. Gareth. 11 August 2014
Caroline helped me to recover from a very difficult situation. Through hypnotherapy she got me to a place where I could see the whole situation in perspective and she gave me the skills to deal with any negative memories, showed me how to beat them. And all this in just 4 sessions! Barbara 13 July 2014
An immediate and significant improvement in ball striking ability with every type of golf club. An amazing 85 per cent success rate in all areas of the game at this stage. I shall update you with further progress in the near future. Golfer 12 July 2014
Caroline puts you at ease straight away and helps you to get rid of the problems you are facing by both talking to you in a very unique way and then by using hypnosis. Hypnosis for me was surprisingly pleasant I really didn't think anyone would be able to put me under, but Caroline did and very quickly I must add. That day following my hypnosis experience I was in such a great mood and the problems I was facing just melted away. I am going back for further sessions and do feel like this approach has started me on the road to tackling the issues I was facing. Very worthwhile I strongly recommend Caroline. Fiona 10 July 2014
Caroline puts you at ease straight away and helps you to get rid of the problems you are facing by both talking to you in a very unique way and then by using hypnosis. Hypnosis for me was surprisingly pleasant I really didn't think anyone would be able to put me under, but Caroline did and very quickly I must add. That day following my hypnosis experience I was in such a great mood and the problems I was facing just melted away. I am going back for further sessions and do feel like this approach has started me on the road to tackling the issues I was facing. Very worthwhile I strongly recommend Caroline. Fiona Manning 10 July 2014
Caroline was able to help me understand my issues and gave superb practical advice, which when put in practice allowed me to change my lifestyle for the better within the course of just three sessions. Very professional, attentive and understanding. I'd recommend to anyone suffering from stress or struggling to cope with the intensity of modern day living. Go with an open mind, hypnotherapy can really help if you allow it. Paul 2 July 2014
The advice you gave me on obsessive thoughts was very helpful. I'm finding myself able to tune them out or override them with other thoughts. I've found the visuaisation of a chalk duster the best way of erasing unhelpful thoughts. I've been really chuffed with the results of hypnotherapy as I definitely feel physically normal again as a result of it. David 28 June 2014
I have been feeling really great since I saw you, my anxiety has all but completely disappeared. I really feel like my old self again, my appetite has returned, I have regained confidence and able to play and enjoy my grandchildren which is what I longed for! I took you advice and have been in touch with my boss to say that I was ready to return to work. She requested a 'fit to return to work' letter from my GP which I have and have an appointment with my boss on Thursday to arrange some dates to work in my diary, so wish me luck! Thank you so much for your wise words and the confidence to enable me to go for it and be me again. I would love to make an appointment again with you in a few weeks. I really felt hypnosis has helped me in my recovery. Marina 24 June 2014
Just a note to let you know how things are going. BRILLIANT!!!!! I could not have wished for a better result. I have been running twice, and also had to walk home when my car needed repaired unexpectedly. The difference has been amazing. Thanks once again. Eliza 19 June 2014
Hello Caroline There have been definite improvements since my visit and steady progress, so I wish to take things a stage farther and I shall be phoning for another appointment soon. Golfer 16 June 2014
I have been to Caroline twice. The first time I was having difficulty with not being able to do what I wanted to do: go to the gym, walk to uni, I even found going to the supermarket difficult. All I did was drive to uni and stay in my flat. Not much of an enjoyable life. After seeing Caroline I started walking to uni, going to the gym, which turned into running, into mtn biking, I lost weight, I met my boyfriend, I passed my degree, got an award, got a job, bought a house got a dog! Life is great! I have a lot to be thankful to Caroline for she has amazing honing skills that get to the crux of the problem, and then she gives you the tools to fix them. 4yrs on I have been to Caroline for a top up, life is still great however I did encounter some troubles at my work - stress, anxiety, depression and I questioned bullying.. I had found myself on the downward spiral of low self esteem and beginning to lack self confidence in my own abilities... Going to Caroline again was just what I needed - she has put everything in perspective, gets rid of the negativity and provides clarity, focus, and calm. I would highly recommend Caroline Brown. Name withheld. 12 June 2014
I went to see Caroline Brown after finding her site and reading the great reviews. I have suffered from stress anxiety and depression for over twenty years and knew I had to try something different. As soon as I had my first session with Caroline I knew that I would feel better. She is such a warm and professional person.I only needed a few sessions with Caroline and now believe in myself. I feel positive and excited about the future. Caroline gave me a cd to listen to which I use every day. I have found this very inspiring and also relaxing. I feel that Caroline has been a lifeline to me and I would recommend her. Catherine. 8 May 2014
I've tried counselling, psychiatrist etc you name it I've tried it. At the start I didn't believe in Hypnotherapy but once I started seeing results I convinced myself. Caroline was brilliant, she was so friendly and explained everything to me as I was unsettled going to the sessions. I've still got anxiety etc but with the help of Caroline Brown I'm managing it much better and i'm not scared of doing day to day stuff anymore. Aliyah. 28 April 2014
Caroline made me feel very welcome as soon as I came in for the first time which made me relaxed and able to open up to her. She really cares and found where my troubles are coming from and let me try some hypnotherapy which was an amazing experience. Caroline is never clock watching and I think our sessions over-ran slightly! I only needed two sessions and having had them along with using the CD she gave me, I can feel a really big difference in my life. I plan to go back a couple of times a year, but I definitely recommend her.. Worth every penny. Thank you so much Caroline, and I look forward to seeing you again. Graham. 26 April 2014
I visited Caroline last January with issues of confidence. Within 3 sessions I was absolutely flying, the change in my life is unreal. I would definitely recommend Caroline's hypnotherapy to anyone with issues ranging from depression, anxiety, stress, low self-steem. Derek. 15 April 2014
There has been a vast improvement. I still use the cubicle rather than the urinals but it no longer has me wanting to stay in. I would still prefer to use the urinal but I will see how things progress. Thank you very much for the help you have given me it has made a difference to me mentally and physically. So thanks again. Scott 2 April 2014
I am listening to the CD you gave me daily and am finding it is helping my confidence. I'm finding it easier to pick up the phone to people now although have a good bit of work to go. I also love the state of trance it puts me in and I properly feel it coming over me when you say "sleep". Far more so than anything else I've tried. Graham 17 March 2014
I have been a long sufferer of IBS - all my teenage and adult life and tried different remedies. Seeing Caroline has turned my life around. Through hypnosis I have become more relaxed and the stress and anxiety levels have reduced. I have come to believe the fact that it's the hormones that are produced by my anxiety that causes my tummy to become so upset and not by the food I eat. Caroline has helped me reprogram my internal dialogue so that I am relaxed and calm and I don't need to send those hormones around my body. Through these sessions I am in control and I feel completely relaxed mentally. Caroline is such a likeable and warm person that I could tell her all my worries and concerns and she tailors the Hypno session to the words that fix my concerns. I see immediate results after each session! I've had a very positive weekend as a result of Monday's session. Normally I wouldn't eat anything the day before I have a big night out but on Friday I had my normal meals and even had a Chinese takeaway. My night out was on Saturday. Normally on the day of a night out I would make self go to the toilet for ages throughout the day just because I was nervous of going to social events. This Saturday I remembered your words that my runs are caused by the hormones and I kept telling myself that I don't need to produce those hormones, I imagined that those hormones became the red balloons that drifted away! It was the first thought I had on Saturday! So I was all relaxed for my night out on Saturday and even made another party later on the night! Which is a first for me! I am doing so much more in my life than ever before! Would totally recommend Caroline as she is the first hypnotherapist that has cured my IBS. I have seen a few before Caroline but they didn't really cure my IBS! Caroline is so good at picking up your underlying or root issue that the messages she says in the Hypno sessions really get to work quickly! Leanne 3 February 2014
Made to feel welcome and comfortable by Caroline who was professional, friendly and straight talking which is exactly what was needed. Not quite sure how it all worked but it did and now I'm empowered to move on with my life after 20 years of wasting energy on people who I do not need in my life. Go see her - it will change your life. Marian Browne 21 January 2014
I went to see Caroline as I had a terrible fear of flying and was due to fly to Australia. I wasn't sure about hypnotherapy however Caroline made me feel very at ease. She enquired about my fear and we found it related to other aspects of my life and how I found it hard to pass control of certain things to others. Caroline advised how to deal with this and in particular how to apply it to the flying. While I am perhaps not fully cured of my fear I certainly now know how to deal with the situation better and keep myself calm. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Caroline if you are suffering a similar fear. Lorna 5 January 2014
My first experience of hypnotherapy with Caroline Brown has produced amazing results. I have suffered with very bad Irritable Bowel Syndrome for decades. After one session and being given a CD to take home and listen to every day, I was amazed that my symptoms disappeared in 3 days. Hard to believe, even for me, but true. Now we are working on facing a big fear. Caroline Brown is warm and friendly, sincere, with an insightful listening ear. She is interested in the whole person and very skilled at pinpointing a problem and encouraging the right thought processes. There is nothing scary or uncomfortable in her treatment; she is very professional and I found I could trust her. I would say she is gifted in her work. For me, it was not unusual to arrive under a wee cloud and after an hour leave with a skip in my step. I would highly recommend this deep relaxation in a busy and stressful life. Trish 6 December 2013
I have attended a few sessions with Caroline over the last few months to help with my anxiety/panic attacks. I would highly recommend her to anyone as she is both a lovely person who puts you at ease from the beginning and also her techniques have been very successful in helping me with my problems which I have suffered with for around twenty years. I am very thankful for her help. Anyone who has similar problems will not regret booking a session with her. Margaret 19 November 2013
Caroline has helped me break a 30 year habit. It didn't happen overnight but over the weeks things have been progressing. To date, I am delighted with the results and would recommend paying her a visit. Janice 13 November 2013
When I went to see Caroline yesterday I was at a really low ebb I left her feeling as though the fog had lifted from my mind her warm sometimes funny but extremley proffessional approach saved me and showed me I am worthy and I do have the strength to get through my difficulties. Caroline gave me a cd to listen to I was a bit scepitcal at first I listened to it last night and again this morning and it really helped with my confidence as yesterday I had none I had never been to a hypnotherapist before and didnt know what to expect I found the entire experience so helpful and invigorating and would have no hesitation recommending Caroline as a therapist. I now call her my Guardian Angel. Pauline 31 October 2013
I have been to see Caroline twice now for anxiety/negative thought pattern issues that seem to have been affecting me for as long as I can remember. In only 2 sessions Caroline has made me realise where I was going wrong with my whole outlook on numerous issues. This has resulted in me feeling a lot more positive and have come to realise that our thoughts control the way we feel. If you are having similar issues do yourself a favour and book a session with Caroline. I wish I had done this years ago. Garry 30 September 2013
I got in touch with Caroline after trying many different strategies for dealing with my stress, anxiety and depression. In recent months everything felt like it was crashing in on me and it made daily life very challenging. I needed to try something different and after finding Caroline's site I was impressed with the reviews, the blogs and her qualifications. I only needed a few sessions with Caroline and saw a dramatic improvement in myself right away. I did a complete 360 in a short period of time. I found the hypnosis cds very easy to make apart of my daily life. I have never felt so relaxed! After every session Caroline followed up with a detailed email outlining strategies and recapping her advice. I found this useful and encouraging. It also showed a great dedication to her work. As a long time sufferer of anxiety and depression and as someone who has tried numerous methods over the years including medication, I would definitely recommend Caroline to anyone suffering from anxiety and depression. Paisley 19 September 2013
I came to Caroline thinking I was suffering from depression, really not enjoying things anything in life, very confused and un-able to make decisions. I suffer low from self esteem and confidence issues and felt like I had 'hit a brick wall' and searching for direction /something or anything to get me out of the hole that I was in. After the first session I felt like I had a new found confidence to pick up the phone and speak to people to get out of bed early and look forward to the day. Her meditation cd's and visualisation techniques are like magic. My stress and anxiety levels have decreased and she has given me the techniques to be able to think with my head and not act out with my heart. She is so easy to talk to and genuinely cares about her clients wellness. I have learned that I am in control of my own happiness. My relationships have improved, my business has increased, my confidence at auditions is opening up a whole world of new possibilities. If you want to change your life try CBT and don't go anywhere else other than the best therapist and such value for money. Thank you Caroline x. Leona 11 September 2013
I went to Caroline to deal with anxiety, confidence issues and a few other things. I only needed a few sessions and I feel fantastic! I'm much happier, more relaxed and more able to cope with stressful situations. You get a relaxation CD to listen to while seeing her and can keep it after the treatment, which left me feeling refreshed and relaxed at each listen. Absolutely recommend! Sarah 31 August 2013
I have suffered from anxiety, on and off, for a number of years. I tried CBT and while it all made sense when I was feeling well, I found it very difficult to put into practise whenever the anxiety started to take hold. Caroline explained to me that that hypnotherapy can use the same techniques, but that the hypnosis simply makes it more ‘palatable’ to the mind. At first I was very wary of the whole thing – what would it feel like? Is it safe? etc. However, I found Caroline very likeable, down to earth, happy to answer all my questions, and she quickly put me at ease. On our first session we talked for a long time before a short period of hypnosis. At first, hypnosis felt odd – I wasn’t used to being relaxed(!) but it was still quite pleasant, and after a bit of practise I began to enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation. I also felt very reassured by the fact that we spent a long time talking each time before hypnosis, so it was clear what would be included. When I first started to feel better I still felt worried that my severe symptoms would come back. As time goes on though I am gaining more confidence in the strength of my recovery and hope to continue to build on this by successfully managing any anxiety that occurs. I highly value the support that Caroline has provided me and would thoroughly recommend Caroline to anyone considering hypnotherapy. Olivia 16 August 2013
Can't praise Caroline enough. Went for help with confidence in advance of a big job interview. Not only did Caroline boost my confidence but gave me invaluable advice on interview techniques. Got the job. What more can I say? Thanks. P Smith 1 August 2013
Four Years ago I was diagnosed as having Clinical Depression. I tried on 2 occasions 2 different styles of counselling and on 2 other different occasions the depression disappeared on its own only to return in all cases. I decided to try hypnotherapy as a last resort and googled various sites for my area, but no one struck a chord until I found Caroline Brown's site. All the reviews were positive although none of those clients reviews had suffered with my problem. I also liked her picture that looked friendly. On our first meeting I had the feeling that Caroline was going to be able to help me and I have been astounded that after only 3 sessions, not only am I no longer depressed but I have an inner feeling that is so different to what I felt before when I imagined myself to be no longer depressed. Caroline insists I have done the work myself but Caroline has given me the tools to work from and the confidence to succeed should I feel in the future a little dip of depression. I would thoroughly recommend Caroline to anyone no matter what their problem as she is not only professional, but caring to the point of giving 101% to her client. The CD I was given as back up to her hypnotherapy is there for me to use every day if need be and if you couple that with her knowledge and help using cognitive behavioural therapy you will certainly see results, I have and it is all down to Caroline. Valerie 28 July 2013
I was new to hypnotherapy when I came to Caroline about my fear of flying a few weeks ago, so I wasn't sure what to expect. However I found the session to be extremely interesting and helpful in overcoming my anxiety. Caroline is very professional and lovely to work with, the session was relaxed and informative. I first described the reactions I get when having to fly, we talked about possible strategies to avoid my anxiety and ways to distract myself. We then did some hypnotherapy - a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. She gave me relaxation CDs to use afterwards to back up our session. Since the session I have flown twice and feel much better about it. I actually enjoyed the experience and my anxiety has decreased significantly. I would certainly recommend Caroline to others who are considering hypnotherapy. Jennifer Redmond 23 July 2013
I went to see Caroline for help with anxiety. She immediately put me at my ease with her friendly and approachable manner. I feel that Caroline through hypnotherapy and counselling has helped me understand the roots of my anxiety and given me strategies to help me cope in everyday life. I would have no hesitation recommending Caroline to other people. I am very glad I went to see her and feel much more relaxed and able to cope in situations which were previously very difficult. Thank you Caroline. Linda Q 6 July 2013
I would implore anyone with IBS to try hypnotherapy. I suffered for years and tried everything to cure it and nothing helped. Looking back I can see that I badly exacerbated my condition by focusing on it, and it took only one session with Caroline to realise this and to overcome the habit. I had no reservations about trying hypnotherapy because it is specifically recommended by the British Medical Association in the treatment of IBS. I also have a relative working in the NHS and clinical hypnotherapy was actually part of her medical training. Personally I think that it works because IBS sufferers (myself included) get so distressed by their symptoms that they aggravate the condition by thinking about it all the time. Have an open mind and hypnotherapy will help you overcome this. As well as the excellent hypnotherapy Caroline is a very insightful person which is great in itself. I have already returned for help with other issues and I'm looking forward to the next session. Carine Lan 25 June 2013
I wanted to share something that happened today. Yesterday I was asked to deliver a presentation to around 20 staff which was about a change in their line management structure. The presentation was for about 10 mins and Q & A session after for about 35 mins was scheduled for 10am today. I had what I'd consider a normal level of anxiety last night and this am. But at 10 o'clock I took to the floor, blushed a wee bit (a level at which I was comfortable) and carried on with my presentation and took questions (some of which were hostile). 45 or so minutes later I was proud, jubilant and felt v professional. Just wanted to say thank you....and bring on the next one. Sean 16 May 2013
Having recently started a new role that involved alot of public speaking, I was uncomfortable and anxious about that aspect of my job. I had tried everything to reduce my anxiety without success. After reading Caroline’s website I made an appointment to visit her. The location was very convenient and my appointment(s) with Caroline were relaxed and enjoyable. After one session I noticed an improvement and since my second session, things have continued to improve. The hypnosis aspect of our sessions was new to me and being honest I didn't fully know what to expect as there are lots of myths and misconceptions concerning hypnosis and hypnotherapy. For me the feeling of hypnosis, was a feeling of complete and utter relaxation, similar to the feeling you experience just moments before you fall asleep. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyway suffering from any form of anxiety. Sean M 5 May 2013
Following my two sessions with Caroline not only have they improved my confidence at presentations but I have also noticed an increase confidence at other events, such as, training courses and speaking at meetings. I had had previously been confident during meetings but on occasion there would be times where I felt anxious about stating my views, this has changed completely for me. Likewise I attended several training courses since the sessions, one in particular required my group to give a presentation. Previously I would have been anxious about this, not only due to the presentation but also delivering with people I did not know and to an audience that would give feedback but to my surprise I found myself taking the lead and overall enjoying the the experience. I would not have been able to achieve this without Caroline's support. Pauline M 9 April 2013
I had one session with Caroline. This is a chance for me to say thank you. It really helped and great news I'm pregnant (not IVF!). I have found hypnosis really beneficial thanks again. Jenn 6 March 2013
I have been to see Caroline twice now (both for different issues) and both times have been more than pleased with the result. Each encounter is very personal and she is extremely thorough when investigating the source or nature of the problem. For me the results have shown themselves quite quickly in the areas where I requested help (presenting and interviews), but I also feel a lot more confident in general and this is enabling me to mix more easily in social situations. Thank you again Caroline: if I have anymore problems of this nature I would not hesitate to use your services again and I will heartily recommend you to others. Becca R 1 February 2013
I recently had a trigger of depression, anxiety and panic which has made my life extremely difficult the point were walking or sitting down was unbearable. Even though I was slowly recovering I was still advised to go to Caroline which I have been glad I did. She is very helpful calm and approachable. The sessions consisted of discussing the problems and seeking positive solutions as well as reassurance that I can eventually overcome the problems. I even tried some hypnotherapy! She raised issues that are underlying and made me realize that even simple things can make a difference in mood and anxiousness. Even if you have just uncovered a problem or are in the process of recovery I highly advise Caroline as a therapist. Callum W 10 December 2012
I have had anxiety all my adult life. I went to see Caroline as I felt my anxiety had started to take over my life and was affecting my relationships at home. After just two sessions I felt better than I ever have in my whole life. The personal CD really helped and I continue to use it everyday. With Caroline's help I discovered alternative ways of thinking about some of the challenges I have faced in life. I would recommend Caroline to any one trying to manage anxiety. Julie 5 December 2012
I had been suffering horrible Anxiety and all the symptoms that come with it, having been to hypnotherapy before, I decided to give it a try again, that's when I found Caroline, as soon as I contacted Caroline, I was given an appointment within a week or so, Caroline made me feel so welcome, she is truly lovely and supportive, I was feeling slightly frazzled, and she put me at ease straight away, and helped me put all of my concerns, and anxieties into perspective, and she understood all of the horrible symptoms I had been suffering, I felt much better even just after one appointment, Caroline gave me a CD to listen to at home, which I found very relaxing and it has had the most positive affect on me. I would not hesitate to return to see Caroline if I ever needed to. Andreina ONeil 4 December 2012
I have regularly used Caroline. I have anxiety problems I have strived to overcome and Caroline has helped me. She even recorded tailor made cds for me, so I could listen to them on my mp3 player, and they have been great help. Caroline is friendly and interested in how I get on after treatment. I recommend Caroline and I recommend hypnosis as the best treatment for anxiety problems. Chris W 28 November 2012
I met with Caroline a few months ago for a hypnotherapy session. She was recommended to me by a friend who saw great results with her weight loss after one session. It was my first time and I was a bit nervous, but Caroline put me completely at ease. I had a great session - it was very relaxing, and I have really felt the benefits. Caroline made me a personalised hypnotherapy recording which I listen to most nights. I'm looking forward to having another session soon, and I would highly recommend Caroline Brown Therapy to anyone. Alison McLean 3 November 2012
I had tried everything to reduce my anxiety but nothing seemed to work. After reading Caroline’s website I decided to make an appointment to see her. I was quite anxious to meet Caroline but the experience was very natural, relieving and I was made to feel at ease from the start. After just one session I felt terrific benefits. And my following day at work was the best day I have had for months. I am looking forward to another appointment with Caroline as I am sure she will help me even further. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who is suffering from the frightening symptoms of anxiety as I can honestly say she has helped me work wonders and feel “NORMAL” again already. Gary Douglas 25 September 2012
After reading previous reviews I decided to book a session with Caroline. I was not disappointed. She is very professional, reassuring, knowledgeable and friendly and has helped me to manage my anxiety issues. I can't believe the difference I feel after a session and I know she's there for me should I need her. I would thoroughly recommend this service and I'm so pleased to have found her. Rachel 8 August 2012
I contacted Caroline with a general anxiety problems that stemmed from a public speaking phobia. At first I was very nervous about hypnosis but didnt expect it to feel so normal. It wasnt a scary experience but was rather natural and pleasant. After my first session and repeating my self hypnosis cd everyday I began to feel the benefits. By the time my second appointment came I already felt the benefits of our appointments. I am very happy that I decided to take the leap of seeking help and would highly recommend Caroline. Andreas 19 June 2012
I was a bit sceptical about hypnosis, but found the process very pleasant. More to the point- I was able to take a flight to London, which had been quite beyond me for some years. Anne McShane 26 April 2012
My daughter had a very real phobia of needles and had to overcome this as she was about to start medication which required weekly blood tests. She had two sessions with Caroline and this has helped her significantly to relax and overcome some of her fears. I would recommend Caroline and would use her again in the future. Mrs Lloyd 26 April 2012
A friend recommended I go and see Caroline after being signed off work while suffering from panic attacks and severe anxiety. I found Caroline to be both patient and understanding during our sessions, and felt that she really took the time to get to the bottom of the anxiety issues which I was struggling with. The hypnosis sessions were especially effective in challenging my negative thoughts and the resulting panic which I was experiencing, and the relaxation CD which was tailored for me was of great help to me in between our sessions. With thanks to Caroline I am now back at work with a new positive outlook, having managed to combat the panic attacks and control my anxiety instead of it controlling me. I fully recommend Caroline to anyone going through similar issues as myself. Stuart Ronald 22 April 2012
I went to caroline because I was fed up with my weight and felt self concious all of the time. I didnt have a clue what to expect, personally I thought that you could get hypnotised to stop eating 'junk' lol. In fact it was much better than that, Caroline had a wee chat with me about my eating habits and lifestyle and we had a chat and agreed to make some changes and then she hypnotised me. The days after being hypnotised and listening to my self hypnosis cd that she gave me, my eating habits have completley changed, I can't actually believe it? It is so hard to explain to someone how it has changed you but it definetley has! I would really recommend her, I only had to go the once and feel something inside me has changed for the better! Caroline is a lovely woman who really cares about your needs, so much that she kept close contact with me via email to check up on how I was getting on, this really really helped and I am entirley grateful. Maria 25 November 2011
I was slightly apprehensive and unsure as to what to expect when I arranged my first session, however I needn’t have worried as it was all very relaxed and I was very quickly put at ease. Caroline was friendly and I felt that she listened well and empathised with my situation and issues. My fear of public speaking is what led to me trying hypnosis after spending years using all sorts of excuses trying to avoid it. I was pleasantly surprised, after only two sessions, that my anxiety had subsided and confidence grown so much so that I was able to present to a small group with no mind blanks, stammering or blushing. I feel that this is a massive achievement compared to where I was prior to having hypnosis sessions, and I hope to work with Caroline again in the near future to build upon this. I would highly recommend Caroline’s sessions to anyone considering hypnotherapy. Hazel M 22 August 2011
After sending a hastily worded email, Caroline contacted me promptly and a meeting was arranged to suit my schedule. The welcome I received was warm and friendly making me feel relaxed from the outset. After talking for sometime about my desire to be a healthy weight for my height, I quickly opened up and talked about things on my mind, as I felt confident in Caroline' s ability to guide me through these issues, and I wasn't disappointed, putting me back on track allowing me to see a way through old wounds and recurring concerns. Having finished the first session, I felt a great relief that finally I was being listened too and with positive thinking, it was clear I could finally discard troubles that had almost rendering me frozen in time . Caroline provided a CD for use at home and this was great to listen to coming in from work, allowing me to put my busy day to rest whilst relaxing, something I gain great benefit from more than any other type of prescription. Returning on 2 more occasions, I found myself speaking more about things of concern one in particular stopping me moving forward with my life. I was surprised and delighted I only needed 3 sessions and having recommended Caroline during my time visiting her clinic, I will continue to talk about my experiences in a useful way, as the positive changes gained are there for those who know me well, to see already. With Caroline' s ongoing guidance, support and direction, whether it be from the after session feedback or the availability of the remote support during my visits, I feel a new person ready to face any and all challenges with a renewed sense of confidence and belief I can achieve anything I put my mind to - thank you for helping me to a new me, I am thrilled. Karen Campbell 21 August 2011
I contacted Caroline after suffering for as long as I can remember from a phobia of Daddy Longlegs (Crane Fly). I have to say the hypnotherapy was not quite what I expected, although it would be fair to say I was not sure what to expect.Following our first session I came away feeling very positive about the way forward with my phobia, and using the CD provided between sessions certainly helped, and after the second session I noticed a further improvement. I do not consider myself 'cured' of my phobia, but the difference the hypnotherapy has made to managing it has been a huge step forward for me!I found Caroline to be extremely professional, whilst at the same time the sessions were very relaxed and informal feeling. Caroline is very approachable, and easy to talk to. There was no pressure to undertake unlimited sessions, in fact I was extremely surprised after our fist session when she told me she expected that 2 or 3 sessions may be enough!I would highly recommend Caroline as a hypnotherapist, and will certainly contact her again should the need arise. Sue Kirkpatrick 17 August 2011
My sessions with Caroline have made my life so much easier! I was suffering from self-consciousness, which was making my working life and social life very challenging. I felt I had depression and was deeply unhappy. After only 2 sessions with Caroline I am now worrying less about things and feeling more confident. I can't believe something like this worked, but it sure did!Caroline is a lovely person, puts you at ease and I felt she really cared. After the first session I went home with a couple of CDs to listen to as often as possible. At the second session I was given two CDs, both tailored to me. I was impressed at the amount of time Caroline had spent preparing for my session. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference this therapy has made for me. I've already recommended Caroline to a friend. Lesley S 14 August 2011
Following just one session with Caroline, I feel much more positive about my future relationship with food. My snack & chocolate cravings have disappeared. I feel more in control of what I eat now which has increased my confidence. Maggie 8 August 2011
I went to see Caroline regarding anxiety. In just a few sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with hypnosis, my anxiety just vanished. I learned to challenge and change the negative thoughts that were driving the anxiety I was experiencing. Caroline is very professional and caring, she really gives a personalised service. I fully recommend Caroline. John Moore 16 May 2011
Caroline Brown has helped me overcome my tenancy to "faff about" at the office. Caroline took the time to understand my issue and over a few sessions has really helped me to address my problem. Highly recommended. Tom Smith 2 February 2011
Caroline is a very nice person to communicate with. She very quickly pinpointed problem areas and helped solve them. Would have no problem recommending her services to anyone. Alan McFarlane 1 February 2011
After suffering from heart palpitations for years I was offered the chance to have a procedure called a catheter ablation which I had in March 2010. However after a successful ablation because I was told there was a 1 in 20 chance it could come back i was absolutely devastated. I went for counselling but this didn't help me at all and my husband and I had been planning for the past 3 years to renew our wedding vows which I didn't feel was possible now until I met Caroline. Caroline was a god send to me. Her expertise is second to none and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking help. I can never thank her enough. She has given me back my life. In December 2010 my husband, children and I went to Walt Disney World in Florida where we renewed our wedding vows in the most magical ceremony imaginable. Thank you so much for everything Caroline. Your 1 in a million and a credit to your profession. Mrs Elizabeth Holliday 8 January 2011
I had tried hypnotherapy once before around 8 years ago and felt no real benefit from it. I decided to have another go and see if a different therapist would be any better. I found Caroline to be very friendly and welcoming. I have had two sessions with Caroline and feel I have really benefited from them. My office is always full of cakes and biscuits but I feel I have no problem saying ‘no’ to them now and find I no longer feel the need to snack when bored. I have increased my physical activity levels and all this combined I feel has led to me losing 10lbs in weight in one month. Caroline’s support after the sessions has also been great and I found her CD invaluable. To anyone thinking about trying hypnotherapy I would highly recommend Caroline and her sessions. M Abbas 13 July 2010
I have tried hypnotherapy on a few differant occasions, and have found it really helps. Caroline was plesant and very easy to work with, made me feel really at ease. It is very nice therapy, very relaxing and i found even after one session i felt and thought differantly. I do think the more time and money you have to put in the more you will get out off the therapy. I would definatly encourage anyone thinking about it to give it ago. Lorna Goudie 29 June 2010
As soon as I met Caroline I felt relaxed, her manner and ability as a hypnotherapist put me at ease. I found the sessions very relaxing and helpful in tackling my stress. I would recommend Caroline to anybody requiring hypnotherapy. Emma Cuthbert 25 May 2010
Caroline Brown has transformed a nervous wreck who suffered panic attacks and anxiety. She takes the time to get to know the problems faced and she personally makes up a CD which reinforces her sessions, the CDs are individual to the client, not your run of the mill relaxation/self hypnosis tapes you see on every shop shelf. I feel Mrs Brown has really opened my eyes to relaxation. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone who requires this type of service. Donna Reilly 23 March 2010
Before attending hypnotherapy for weight loss, I was slightly apprehensive as I wasn't sure what to expect. Caroline is a very warm and friendly therapist who helped put these apprehensions to bed immediately. I knew hypnotherapy was the right choice for me as I needed some help in making lifestyle changes. The hypnotherapy made making these lifestyle changes a million times easier! My eating habits have changed remarkably after only one session and I no longer crave chocolate or crisps like I used to. I attended just over two weeks ago and I've already lost half a stone through eating less and some regular exercise. The results are great! I'm starting to feel better about myself and more importantly, I'm starting to feel healthy again. The support I've received from Caroline after the session has been invaluable too. She really goes that little bit further for people as she genuinely cares. I'm so glad I decided to go for hypnotherapy, and in particular, I'm glad I chose Caroline. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants some help to make lifestyle changes. Clare McCormack 22 March 2010
I found Caroline very professional and caring and enthusiastic. She tailored our session to meet my specific issue and I was very pleased with the outcome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Caroline. Joy M 12 March 2010
I went to Caroline for help with weight loss as hypnosis worked for me before to stop smoking, after only one session I felt a big difference in my attitude towards eating. I wasnt expecting such a quick response and I am over the moon, I feel calm and relaxed about eating and do not feel permanently hungry and unsatisfied by food. I would reccommend this treatment to anyone who really wants to implement a change, of any kind, in their life. Jacqueline Gallagher 18 February 2010
Having never been hypnotised before i was slightly apprehensive about the process, and sceptical that it would help me overcome the confidence and anxiety issues i’d been experiencing. However Carolines sessions were relaxing, informative and insightful, and have provided me with tools I can use for the rest of my life. As a therapist I found Caroline kind, empathetic and genuinely interested, and would recommend her to anyone interested in changing their outlook on life and thinking habits. C Thomson 20 December 2009
I have received one session of hypnotherapy from Caroline so far and I am very impressed. I got in touch with Caroline to address issues I have with food and I have had great results so far. During hypnosis I felt very relaxed and comfortable. Caroline is friendly and reassuring and I look forward to my future sessions and ultimately the results. For anyone who is thinking about this - go for it! Stacey W 26 November 2009
This was my first ever experience with hypnotherapy and I am glad that I chose to go and see Caroline. She put me at ease and helped me to feel very relaxed, and afterwards I felt really good about myself. After the session I am beginning to feel more in control of my emotions and not to feel so bad when I do get worked up about something. I would recommend Caroline to anyone considering hypnotherapy. Miss Young 20 November 2009
I saw Caroline about my awkwardness and anxiety in social and business situations. She was very understanding and helpful, and made sure that all her suggestions were tailored to meet my actual needs. I definitely feel like I've benefited from my appointments with her. R Craig 9 August 2009
I went for 3 sessions for weight control. I was put at ease from the very first contact. The sessions were relaxing and have been very successful (even on an all-inclusive 2 week holiday). I firmly believe that I shall continue to work toward my goal. I would highly recommend Caroline Brown for anyone who is considering any sort of hypnotherapy. Linda Rogan 10 June 2009
A friend recommended Caroline for problems I have been having with worry and making my business work. She helped me focus on what was at the root of the problem and has given me the tools to tackle these issues. Thanks to Caroline, I am a lot more organised and stress-free. Caroline Smart 30 April 2009
I found Caroline to be very professional in her approach but at the same time very caring and made me feel at ease. Caroline was always well prepared and very organised that I found her to be very supportive especially her empathy towards my anxiety. Lynda Rice Lynda Rice 20 April 2009
I received hypnotherapy from Caroline Brown to help me with self-esteem issues. The therapy enabled me to clearly define what I needed to do next with my life. She's exactly what you would want from a therapist; down to earth, calm, friendly, good at what she does and I would certainly recommend her. Mrs Emma Brown 13 April 2009
I discussed my weight problem with Caroline and after an in depth discussion on my history with food, Caroline suggested Hypnotherapy. This I did during February 2009 and can happily inform you that I have now lost a total of 1 stone 4 1/2 lb. I still have a long way to go, but feel with Caroline's help I am on the right road to a new healthier me. Jean Sutheland 13 April 2009

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